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Hello, I'm Saeri!

There are three main ways to connect with me deeper, and work with me:

1) Trusting It... this is my membership portal where I share transmissions, mini-journeys, live-streamed yoga classes, community playdates and more! It starts at $11/mo

2) Witness Ceremony I've created this process to precisely identify the root of your problematic pattern, how you do it and why [the benefit of the pattern].  

3) Wizard Cohort this is my 1:1 work for clients who have completed Witness Ceremony.  It is also a mastermind for my 1:1 clients when I feel called to gather them to support one another and collaborate.

You'll find throughout this site opportunities to book 15 &  30minute playdates with me.  Please take me up on this if you have any questions or would just like to connect about sharing space.


Saeri Wilde

Welcome to my field: Innerglowing Sanctuary 🌈


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