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Wizard w/ Saeri 2023

My offerings this year are in honor and recognition of the corner those of us on the leading edge of awakening have turned... and that is:

We can journey to Hell and back,

and we know we don't have to.

The collective isn't quite there yet, but they are on their way! And the leading edge is practicing living in Heaven on Earth... 

It's time to shift our primary focus to being creators!

I'll be taking a wilderness period from Thanksgiving to Jan 4th 2024... read more about The Wilderness HERE

I have two offerings through October 2023:

Wizard's Cohort February-October 2023

Wizard's Cohort is project-based 1:1 work with me with the opportunity to connect with others working with me cohort-style. This is for those who are ready to anchor into the recognition that they are the primary mover in their world; they are a CREATOR.

I'd like to have the core team of 8 Wizards enrolled by the end of February.  To sign up for the Wizard Cohort, just commit to a 9 session package with me, and up to 27 ~payment plans available for the most generous fees for clients I have EVER.  

I'm also offering as a bonus for the core cohort of 8 Wizards, 50% off of Witness Ceremony... either to go through it when I offer it in March, or to train to facilitate it, if you've already been through it.

Witness Ceremony March-May 2023 

Witness Ceremony is the first of the three ceremonies that make up Clarity Journey, which reveals your unique unstoppable clarity to bridge the life you want to change, to living from the essence of your BEING.

Witness Ceremony precisely identifies the core problematic pattern that repeats, seemingly no matter what you do.  This pattern is also designed to evade your awareness, because it is protecting a precious part of you and delivering an essential benefit.

Witness Ceremony yields precise unforgettable awareness of:

  • Your pattern

  • Why you do it

  • How you do it

Once you've gained this awareness my team and I will support you with aftercare and integration as the awareness itself gently develops into more graceful and congruent expressions.

If you're feeling truth tingles, or however your body cues you that something feels right... can read more about HOW I WORK & attend a Community &/or 1:1 zoom Playdate with me HERE.

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