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Thank you for joining us in the free week of Human Design Laboratory.  We recorded one great 2hr intro class on the basics and two chart labs where we went deeper into your questions.

As a thank you for being a part of this magical alignment of ours, we are offering you a 6month trial membership to THE CONTINUUM.

We are hosting July's Foundational Intensive through THE CONTINUUM... and even if you don't join us for that, we'll have the archives for the free week there, as well as many other wonderful classes, recordings & integration labs every month.


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Nova & Saeri in Ashland OR

Human Design Laboratory;



LIVE classes in session in July

This course is EVERGREEN, so you'll have access to all the recordings forever (as we know it).  We'll announce soon our next round of live clases.

  • Mondays 10am-11:30pm PACIFIC Class w/ Nova Om

  • Fridays 12-1:30pm PACIFIC Open Lab w/ Saeri Wilde

Want to do this but have a busy summer? 

All the classes are recorded & yours to keep forever.

You can binge watch them, like Netflix, when it's good for you!

Questions can be submitted by text & we can address them in the Classes & Labs.


Q. Will I understand how to read a HD chart from this course?

A. Yes, you'll know the basics like how to tell the aura type, strategy, authority & profile.


Q. I don't know my exact birthtime, can I still participate?

A. Yes, often times we can at least get clear on the aura type & then you can enter into your experiment to feel into the other information and we're happy to support you in that.  There are also services (we do not offer these) to have a birth time rectification done... we could help to find you a referral if that is of interest to you.


Q. What if I can't make it to some or all of the call times?

A. All of the calls are recorded... You can submit your questions for the Chart labs and we can address them so you may watch them in the recordings when it's convenient for you.


Q. Is there a community for this course outside of the classes and labs?

A. Yes, you will have access to our community platform via Mighty Networks, THE CONTINUUM.


Q. How long will I have access to the course recordings?

A. They are yours to keep and even share with others.


Q. Will you offer this course again?

A. We would like to... this is our first one, so we are going to go through it first and then see. If you are interested, we suggest you join us now in case we don't offer it again, or not until next year.


Q. Will you pressure me to engage on live calls?

A. No!  We are all about creating a safe place to engage if you like.  We know a number of people who get a lot out of watching others.  Full on permission to just watch.


Q. Will I get help understanding difficult relationships in my life like my parents, kids, spouse etc?

A.  Yes, you can ask questions about their charts and the best ways to interact with them, however it's important you engage in your own experiment, and we may suggest you take a break on analyzing others if we feel it is distracting you from what is best for YOU.


Follow the link below to receive your 6month trial to THE CONTINUUM.​

You will be asked for your payment information to enter the network, however you will not be charged, can cancel at anytime... and in 6mos you'll be given the opportunity to continue for only $22/mo...

...or not -haha (HD joke there)

Here are the three recordings from FREE WEEK:

Mariachi Band

HD Laboratory; FOUNDATIONAL INTENSIVE is the first in a sequence of progressively
deeper journeys and all roads lead to:

Human Design Mexico Experience January 2023!

When you sign up for this free week of HD classes & labs, you'll be on the list, in the know about what's next and how to come with us!