saeri wilde, IGQA Founder, Initiation Mentor

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Hello, thank you for visiting innerglowing and checking me and our freaky tribe out. 


I'm a mystic with an imperative to support people in their becoming in practical ways.  

I carry initiation in my Human Design, and have been cultivating my ability to embody it and guide others in navigating and embodying the big spirit shifts and downloads that come to them, which are cranking up in these transformational times in which we live.

I founded Innerglowing Quantum Academy from an invitation I received from some very persistent spirit guides in 2015-ish. 

What do I DO?  I see people, I share what I see with their permission and a yes from my body to guide them to bring who they are more fully into their body; naturally we discover their gifts, then we navigate the mastery and allowing of those gifts in service to evolve this planet into Heaven on Earth.

I guide healings through time and space; we are assisting the collapsing and rising of the timelines.  We're not joking about quantum here.


I have accepted the role to start this school, support the founders in coming up to speed with who they are and surrender to the greater mission of our Innerglowing Constellation to catalyze the next Golden Age, which is upon us.


My current definition of the Golden Age is when Individual and Human possibility become probability.

Our working mission and vision statements:

MISSION: "GLOW" IGQA is a floating spaceship of seekers and teachers. Get on board and navigate your innerverse, exploring trauma, Human Design, authentic cues and all the other planets in your divine orbit.

VISION: "INNER to OUTER" We are building a tribe of individuals that are truly, bravely themselves, healed from trauma and disrupting patterns of dis-ease for themselves and for all that they touch.


There are so many pieces to what I see and what I teach, I have begun to record it in my blog, youtube channel, Facebook page, and the materials available to those who enroll in the courses and membership offered through the academy.

We are waves of teachers awakening to who we are, evolving the archetypes and supporting each subsequent wave to live as a GIFT.

For an entry point into this work, check out out the materials we've made available to the public and to go deeper and say yes to your soul contract to become with us check out our open journeys and join our private FB community for $7/month, Innerglowing Sanctuary.

To read about my initiation ceremony to receive this vision, you can read the story on the blog HERE

To connect with me directly and inquire into receiving support, go HERE

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

Eleanore Roosevelt