Cash 4 Transformation

How to get the money to hire the

right person to help your shift happen

1. What inspired you to create this program? I hired the wrong coach... and when I found the right coach his fee was the same amount I had invested in the other.


I was also maxed out on credit cards and had asked everyone for money I thought I could ask.


It made sense to me to just get the money back from the bad coach, and give it to the good coach! But the good coach challenged me to see how I had gotten all the value and more, far beyond what I paid, into that program and to CREATE the money to hire him, if that's what I wanted to do.


I asked him to enroll me. Do it to me. Because I have no clue how I can move forward from here.


Well, I did it. And now I have a torch I carry for hiring the right people, and also, being the right person for my clients, every time I'm hired. I don't want to sell anything to anyone, I only want alignment. So if I talk to someone and we find a clear NO, that is success.


2. Who needs this program? 

This is for the people who are tired of peeling the onion, they want to SLICE it, that's what coaching is for.


They have some kind of transformation they want to complete and they know by now they cannot do it alone.


They may have trauma from hiring the wrong people. They may have been sold into programs that were not right for them and they are left feeling betrayed by others, extremely wary of coaching/teachers/guides & gurus, and ultimately they wonder if they are crazy to want what they want and if they can even trust themselves to put their money in the right place (if they ever get to have the kind of money they desire)


MANY are also healers, coaches, guides, teachers of some kind as well, and they are terrified of being salesy, smarmy, snake-oil peddlers and so they stop themselves from serving on the level they feel called. They would rather not be a coach than be the BAD coach.


3. How is this different from Law of Attraction systems?

When it comes to making the cash, these are very practical real-world ways to make extra money, that WORK --all the energy work and mindset, helps, but these are action-based.


We talk about the money LAST, though. First is a thorough examination into your conscious and unconscious intentions and commitments. The reason we have such a garbage show of coaching PTSD and cynacism is because people are being sold to and saying yes before they have really faced what it is they are asking for.


We make no assumptions here and we know that if you have not created what you want, there is a very good reason for that.


When you rush past and glaze over the foundation of why you want what you want and why you don't have it, and start talking about money... well, basically you will be saved by not having the money, or by loosing it until you clean that up.


You don't have to WISH your way to alignment. You can get in there and line things up and LOOK so you know what's what.


When you have that kind of CLARITY, nothing can stop you, certainly not money... in fact money must cooperate with you.

4. What kinds of results do people get from participating full out in this program?

You get right with reality, which is the only place you have any power. NOW.


Clarity about your relationship with commitment and taking the reins so you know how to commit with all of your power behind what really matters to you.


Honest with yourself about the timing. If it's urgent or it can honestly wait. You need to know that, RIGHT?


Who is your mentor/guide/coach/teacher.... what program? Are they right for YOU? Don't assume that bc someone is an expert in the work you are committed to doing, and the time is now, that they are for you. You need to look at that head on.


Getting clear on those first three pilars is what gives you the juice to make the money. For money to become puddy in your hands. For you to not be willing to let anything get in your way --no number in your bank acount, no emotion, no thought, no history, no weather, no doggone pandemic!


Then you are ready for the 4th pilar: The 3 non-glamorous ways of coming up with cash for transformation.


These suckers are SOBERING, they are so real. And they sometimes send you back to examine the first three pilars you thought you were clear about. In this part of the process people have been set free from ideas for businesses that they thought they wanted... oh wait, I don't actually want that! WIN.


Imagine going forward and all the things not flowing and it's just that it's not the thing for you? How about if a client hires you for something they don't really want to do but they have no idea? There's no way you're going to be successful with them, there's no amount of money that will make that worth it for you both.


Another beautiful side effect of all of this work is the peace you gain about your past. You will be grateful for every pitfall, bad investment, betrayal... at least you will have the tools and be on the road to having that peace. This is truly a fundamental SHIFT. You can't unsee this once it's seen.



5. The first step is commitment...what have you learned using this method about commitment?

I've learned that it's an innocent trap to state your intentions for what you want to create and then pump yourself up (or let someone else pump you up) about creating THAT and saying that you are 100% committed to creating THAT.


Have you created it before?


Did you want it any less in the past?


No, so something is off there. No amount of motivation is going to bypass the change that needs to happen to get the result you want.


It's good to identify what you want, that's part of this process, but what's going to actually do the trick for you (and it's not a trick) is to commit to the transformation that will free you to create on the level you know you are capable of.


For most people it's things like self-love, soverignty , feeling free that will make the difference for them. From there, it doesn't matter what they create or don't create, their rightful driver is at the wheel. Life is fun again.


Life is creative. do we really want anything else than that at our core?

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california, USA

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