I approach my life and work as ceremony.  

Having been beaconed and initiated into plant medicine I have come to see and also be recognized as being like sitting with plant medicine in sacred ceremony.

Every time I sat with Ayahuasca, usually by the end of a challenging evening, she would say to me in a sassy tone "you know this isn't any different from your life"  haha!

And she was right.

Image by Raimond Klavins

I discovered through sitting in ceremony the way an initiation can take you apart and sometimes you don't get put back together.  Also with ingesting medicine, it can be rougher than needed.  

It's a passion of mine to provide strong safe containers to receive your information and medicine, which often will deconstruct familiar structures, and offer integrative support so you get put back together.  

For the first time since I began offering this work, I am offering a menu of single-services.  In recent years I would only do this work within deeper containers of 3-12 months with coaching between ceremonies.  

We are heading into a time when individuals need to be able to be centered in who they are to relate to others and receive support.  I have found for myself and those I have been in conversation with that many are needing periods I call Wilderness, when they walk alone and navigate with no support, or intermittent support.
I offer these ceremonies in smaller containers based on feedback that some people prefer to get an intense experience to align, like doing plant medicine, and then navigate on their own.  

Also, it can just take time for both of us to know if committing to a project with me as your coach is something that is aligned and ripe!

I am trusting my clients to ask for what they need, if more is needed, and to find their way afterward if not with me. 

I trust my clients when they are working with me more long term.

I have designed these ceremonies as a precursor to training with me to be yourself, if that is your path.  

If you're looking for the impact and transformation of plant medicine in a safe container, without ingesting and with integrative work built in, you can apply for a 30min consultation to get acquainted and see if we are feeling aligned.

If we talk and for whatever reason, known or unknown, it's a no, I can support you in next steps with a referral to another practitioner, a practice to support you in what you're working with or even just a book recommendation (I'm like a librarian and have a way of intuiting the perfect book for you, if that's a good next step for you)


*30 minute $50 consultation required before enrollment (if you enroll, I will deduct $50 from your fee)
* 1 hour Witness Ceremony is offered for new clients as a two for one with Clarity Ceremony if they feel they need it.

Each 1:1 Ceremony includes:
• 90minute-2hr Ceremony online or in person
• 30 minute Integration call toward end of the month
•30 days of unlimited messenger support

$500 paid in full minimum 1 week prior to our date
-for ongoing integrative coaching & information about enrolling into year-long custom projects with me, we can discuss after your Clarity Ceremony.

If you would like to book a consultation with me,
The link apply for a consultation is at the bottom of that page.

The best place to contact me directly is Facebook https://www.facebook.com/saeri.star.wilde 

You can also find me on Signal and Whatsapp.


~ Ceremonies Offered ~
-once you have completed a Clarity Ceremony with me, you may choose from any of these, or we can talk and design one custom for you.  

Blazing Eye

Witness Ceremony


Often all we need to heal, or to begin our healing journey, is witness.  You may tell me your story, everything that needs to be heard & acknowledged.  I'll reflect and ask clarifying questions to make sure I hear you right.  

This is a powerful ceremony that can set things in motion.

We'll discuss next steps for you, come up with a micro-practice to support you integrating what you discovered & schedule a follow-up.  This is for new clients and is only $250.  If you enroll in another ceremony w/in 30 days, I'll subtract the $250 from the subsequent ceremony.

Fish Bowl

Clarity Ceremony

We'll reveal your commitments. 


There are commitments that create your current reality, and the commitments that would allow your highest available alignment. The gap between the two identifies the inner and outer work to release outdated commitments and step fully into alignment.

This is a game changer and lays the foundation for alignment before making big decisions.

Heart Outline

Somatic Alignment Ceremony


Track your pain to find the root cause and discover the messages hidden in your body.

This guided process cuts through decades of confusion and frustration to take you through your own fires to a place of grace and trusting your body.

HD wheel.jpeg

Human Design Initiation Ceremony


I'll prepare to share in depth about your Energy Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross and Nodal Environments and any other information I feel called to look at for you.  Then I'll navigate what information is actually important for you intuitively and by checking in with you and how you feel.

I do readings this way because I have seen so many people get more off-course with too much information.  

A reading with me has a way of getting the right information into your tissues of your body, down to your bones.  It's very deep and practical.  You will walk away with a wonder for who you are and clarity about next steps and practices in your Human Design Experiment.

Innerglowing target.jpe

Catalyst Creation Ceremony


Do you feel ripe for a cascade of growth? Alchemize your baggage into space & energy. Intuitively guided energy and vision work.  This is a good one for those who like to explore and see where the energy guides. We can engage as a clairvoyant reading, energy healing or any other of the many tools available to you.


Gift Discovery Ceremony


A fruitful inquiry into your superpowers so you know what you need to train in next to master being yourself.

Practices, witness, & guided meditations to support you in receiving the gift you ARE.