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I approach my life and work as ceremony.  

Having been beaconed and initiated into plant medicine I have come to see and also be recognized as being like sitting with plant medicine in sacred ceremony.

Every time I sat with Ayahuasca, usually by the end of a challenging evening, she would say to me in a sassy tone "you know this isn't any different from your life"  haha!

And she was right.

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I discovered through sitting in ceremony the way an initiation can take you apart and sometimes you don't get put back together.  Also with ingesting medicine, it can be rougher than needed.  

It's a passion of mine to provide strong safe containers to receive your information and medicine, which often will deconstruct familiar structures, and offer integrative support so you get put back together.  

We are heading into a time when individuals need to be able to be centered in who they are to relate to others and receive support. 

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