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  1. Discover the root of your problem...

  2. Taste the undeniable potential of your deepest longings...

  3. Identify the precise next steps of your aligned trajectory..

Who Are We
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Clarity Journey is the enrollment process I developed when I realized the danger I was in as a coach to get enrolled in my client's unconscious commitments to create the same old shit in their lives.

I'm a projector in Human Design, that means I'm here for success... if you come to me thinking that you need to make more money, but you actually need to take more naps (and THAT would make you more money)...


then for all the great work we do together, the chances that we don't even touch the root of your problem are very very HIGH.

I'm here for success, y'all, so let's not fuck around... let's really find out what will make the kind of difference in your life that you are deep down longing for.

Clarity Journey is the PRE-WORK to doing a big project with me, or someone else that will actually transform your life to the life you ALL-THE-WAY desire!

Have you ever made a decision from UNSTOPPABLE CLARITY? 


Can you imagine a life lived from true clarity? 


What might you create if you came from your own authentic clarity about what matters the most for who you are here to BE?

I'm not talking about *CERTAINTY* -that's the mind trip that re-enrolls you in the same old patterns with new faces.  Change can come about via certainty, but it's a coyote game and can be excruciatingly... tragically SLOW.

Clarity Journey answers 4 questions that I highly recommend be answered before investing in any kind of transformational support:

Navigate with True Clarity

CLARITY JOURNEY consists of three ceremonies with integrative support, spanning 3 or 4months.

The Ceremonies:

Each ceremony is held over the duration of one month and includes:

  • 2hr Ceremony

  • Two 1hour integration calls

  • Bat phone auxiliary phone & message support

Witness Ceremony reveals what you've been unconsciously committed to that has created your life as you know it.

AKA "how you made the life you want to change"

Highest Axis Ceremony reveals the frequency of your highest-potential and the subsequent conscious commitment that would create the life you ache for.

AKA "the ideal"

Harvest Ceremony facilitates digesting and integrating your new awareness to receive the GOLD of your clarity.  You will complete next steps to create from your conscious commitment to embody your highest authentic frequency.

AKA "how to not fuck it up again"

Read even more about this process at WHY CLARITY JOURNEY?


How to take Clarity Journey:

Right now it is a 1:1 intensive journey with Saeri, or I also have a few apprentices that are training in the process who can accompany you on your journey with Saeri.


If you'd like to start with a 1:1 consultation, they are $250 that I'll credit to your fee if you decide to join Clarity Journey.



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