Discover the root of your problem...
Taste the potential of your deepest longings...
Identify the precise next steps of your aligned trajectory..

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Join us for the 3month Clarity Journey.  Each month we will facilitate a powerful ceremony within a safe & gentle integrative container led by Saeri Wilde and co-facilitated by embodiment & sensitivity coach, Amy Harris.

Saeri Wilde will be teaching the ceremonies; how to integrate what you discover; and support yourself releasing what inevitably releases as a result of your clarity. Prepare yourself to see that problematic pattern that's plagued you for your whole life, play out for the last times.

Amy Harris will be facilitating authentic and trauma-informed relating within our intimate group of brave explorers. You will be learning how to relate with yourself and others in order to truly progress on your true path, free of the trauma and no-fun-drama-creating ways of your past.


  • 2 Group Calls a month with Saeri & Amy

  • Secret FB group with fellow travelers

  • Teachings on how to perform each ceremony

  • LIVE recorded 90min calls on Mondays 10am PST

(Oct 11 & 25; Nov 8 & 22; Dec 6 & 20)

OCTOBER 2021: Witness Ceremony reveals what you've been unconsciously committed to that has created your life as you know it

NOVEMBER 2021: Highest Axis Ceremony reveals the frequency of your your highest-potential and the subsequent conscious commitment that would create the life you ache for. 

DECEMBER 2021: Harvest Ceremony facilitates digesting and integrating your new awareness to receive the GOLD of your clarity.  You will complete next steps to create from your conscious commitment to embody your highest authentic frequency.

Enrollment Fee Options
Hey hey, so we know it's crazy times, and even so, before these particular crazy times... we have enrolled our own help with a combination of our own scrappy-determination and the generosity of our coaches.  

In the spirit of good will and generosity, we are offering two paid-in full options, and two payment plan options.  

"I"m doing OKAY" $997 or 3 monthly payments of $333
"I'd like a little HELP" $697 or 3 monthly payments of $233

You may enroll below... note that if you're paying in full, you can make your selection from the "Add to Cart" button.

If you are going for a payment plan, please select the button of your choice.

This is deep work, please intuit and choose on-your-honor the price that will best hold you in your commitment to engage and find your



by 7PM pst Wednesday 9/15/21 
for a BONUS 1:1 coaching call

3 monthly payments of $333

3 monthly payments of $233
-if you need a little help

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