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Who Are We

Clarity Journey

  1. Discover the root of your problem...

  2. Taste the undeniable potential of your deepest longings...

  3. Identify the precise next steps of your aligned trajectory..

Three ceremonies with integrative support, spanning 3-6 mos, depending on your soul pace

The Ceremonies:

Each ceremony is held over the duration of 1-2months with two integration calls. 


The whole of Clarity Journey includes:

  • 3x 2hr Ceremonies

  • 6x 1hr integration calls

  • 2x 90min Belief Coding Sessions

This process bridges the gap between who you WERE and who you really ARE.  We safely will bring your survival patterning into the light of your consciousness so you can grow what has been frozen in time (the time when the pattern was created).  Then we get you in touch palpably with the frequency of your highest essence.  The bridge starts coming into clarity by the third ceremony when we enter into an intuitive rite of passage to yield the clear understanding of how you stay on your most aligned path powerfully and gracefully forever!

Witness Ceremony AKA "how you made the life you want to change" reveals what you've been unconsciously committed to that has created your life as you know it.

Highest Axis Ceremony AKA "the ideal" reveals the frequency of your highest-potential and the subsequent conscious commitment that would create the life you ache for.

Harvest Ceremony AKA "how to not fuck it up again"   😜  

-or- "how to actually succeed" 

facilitates digesting and integrating your new awareness to receive the GOLD of your clarity.  You will complete next steps to create from your conscious commitment to embody your highest authentic frequency. ​​


Links below are only for use of clients already enrolled in Clarity Journey.  If you've found this page and are interested in connecting about if Clarity Journey is right for you, email me to inquire.

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