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Mountainous Region

A virtual campfire for fractal family to gather, connect, share & CREATE. Featuring monthly Wayshower events and a warm culture of belonging to integrate deep inner work with support


Reciprocity is KEY. 


After years of attempting to establish this space, I surrender the need to manage how others balance their receiving and giving. I am only here right now to say that you may reciprocate as it feels in integrity for you.

I am a single mama.  I've invested extensively to be in a position to guide this field and I have made many sacrifices and faced many fears to do so.  I also have been the recipient of much generosity from my own coaches and teachers and it is my intention to pass that along to those who need it.  


With the Open Source option, it is up to you choose how you will contribute and to follow through on another method of reciprocity -from your own sense and integrity.

After 30 days, when you find this field is beneficial to you, I ask that you intend to stay for at least a year. No I'm not going to enforce it, you can cancel and drop out at any time... however please enter with the intention to be here for a year and take into account how you will reflect that in your open source reciprocity.  If you leave after 30 days, please make your contribution to reflect your trial.

The two OPEN SOURCE alternatives to making a monthly autopay contribution:

  • Venmo me what you want/when you can/as you fancy.

    • this could be more or less than the monthly/yearly dues.​

    • it could be paying in full for the year

    • It could be your own on-your-honor contribution rate & rhythm

    • @saeri-wilde confirmation # 8886

  • Serve someone else, pass on the support to someone who needs it, If you don't already know who that someone is, please be poised for their arrival and let them know why you are gifting them your service.

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