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Distilling Frequency with Nisarg B. Nikiel
July 12, 2019

10am-12pm PST

Go right now and register for the zoom call to get your unique link to access the meeting.


Come to the call on time and ready to experience the group energy distilled by Nisarg's aura.  That means have your body taken care of, being in a supportive environment to relax and feel, and having anything on hand you may want like water, notebook & essential oils or smudge.

Ideally you would be sharing your video on the call to make your presence as a contributor to our group frequency more palpable.

Also, if you want to interact with Nisarg, have a digital copy of your chart ready that you can screen share because she loves to look at your design as she tunes in with you.  If you don't have those capabilities, send your chart or your birth info to so Saeri can have it on-hand for you.