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Hi there, it's Saeri!

I am offering this opportunity to be in a more intimate circle of connecting with me and what I have to share.


I'm looking to refine the public who follow me as well as refine my focus of generosity to those who seek it, and be together in a crucible of empowered beingness... hooray!

My focus is by nature very receptive & diffuse, and what comes through me depends on who's around me and who's asking. Often what comes through from one connection turns out to be a theme for many.

I have come to deeply respect each individual's Soul Pace. The rate of your deconditioning and awakening, is yours. 


I offer this sanctuary as an accessible place to have meaningful connections with me, and others on this fractal, to explore your process on your terms.  

If/when you are ready to go deeper, I have a range of individual and group offerings to support you, as well as a network of skilled integrous practitioners for referral.


Your Membership Includes

  • Monthly group call or class with Saeri

  • Personal attention to your questions from Saeri

  • Classes from guest experts in Human Design, business, initiation, integration, relating & awareness.

  • Opportunities to lead and share your gifts

  • A strong respectful community where you can be yourself


Benefits of this group:

  • You can go at your own soul-pace

  • You can take what works for you and leave the rest

  • You decide your level of visibility and engagement

  • Deeper support available when you are ready

  • $7/month 

We gather in a secret Facebook group you will gain access to within 72 hours of your purchase.

The degree of your involvement will determine the amount of energy and insight I have to share with you.  I also practice Wilderness periods, when I will back off of guidance and teaching to allow myself and others to integrate and engage in solo discovery while connected to us all in the ethers.



$7 /month subscription