The paradox of being a great coach is that you may learn and receive more from your clients than they do from you;

and I'm not talking about money.  

The continuum of student/teacher, client/coach... physician-heal-thyself... these archetypes in service to others are at their best when both parties are centered in self-responsibility on a trajectory that is congruent with who they truly are.

The recent history of support has been enmeshed in rampant Drama Triangle dynamics (roles of victim, helper & bully) paired with the void of our indigenous ancestral context, that often to receive support or even witness to who we are is to enroll in either a highly conditional grasp for love, or a marketing scheme...

Either way, support trauma results, isolating us even more!

Humanity is fast approaching a time when the background frequency on Earth will be one of individualism, rather than the collective imperatives of the last 400 years that have driven us to homogenized systems of control.  

The systems are crumbling and, in denial of their death throes, are making outrageous claims of authority.

Those centered in individuality, able to relate respectfully & creatively with other individuals to create congruent tribes of sovereign individuals, are the ancestors of a successful future founded in satisfaction, peace & wonder:

The birthright of humanity consciously integrated with

Earth & Cosmos.

Integration is the key. It's not to just see a shaman, or go work with plant medicine, engage in some sustainability training or answer a calling of your heart and soul... it's to come together and SEE what we each are doing and how we connect to the whole.

Who we BE, what we DO, when made available to be seen by our fractal-mates in a secure container of relating ignites alchemical processes that anchor the frequencies that reveal Heaven on Earth.

The Continuum's is the doorway to Clarity Journey, create a space to share the good work you are creating, get some support & perspectives from a fresh and trusted network of professionals and to curate a community of peers.

Feeling tingles? Swooning? You are invited to this private membership association to share who you are, what you do, and to further curate, cultivate & weave your unique thread into this divine tapestry of life with us.

What might life be like if you navigate growth in a way that deepens your expression of being WHO YOU REALLY ARE?