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This is the course to unlock your ability to enroll and be enrolled in the right kind of work, at the right time, with the right people for astonishing results.


When you have true CLARITY about these things, you possess the power to finally be money's master, not its slave.

8 weeks of mind-blowing practical enrollment ed

  • 4 Modules with LIVE classes

  • 4 Group Coaching Calls with Dave & Saeri

  • Private FB Group 

  • Experiential learning

  • Contests & prizes to incentivize your completion

(if you're into winning)


$150 before we announce the start date, $180 thereafter.



For: "Enrollment for Coaches"

2. Then: message Saeri Wilde on FB and let me know you paid.



  • Join FREE FB group, Enrollment for Coaches, to see demonstrations and attend Live Q & A's

  • Official Launch: TBA

  • 8 Weekly calls Tuesdays 1:30pm PST 

Meet Your Facilitators

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After losing his 4th business in 2010, David realized there had to be a better way.  There wasn’t, so he started selling insurance.  As with most things in life, there was some lemonade trapped in those lemons, because 11 years later he is one of the premier sales coaches in the world.  


Working primarily with clients looking to move numbers, looking to make ridiculous money through Service to their clients and to do it in a way that is as fun as it is powerful... David’s unique approach to growing a business has allowed him to create a coaching practice that grows exclusively through referral and invitation.  


With an approach to coaching based in Love and radical honesty, backed up by over 10 years dedicated to the art of client enrollment, he has created a six figure practice for himself and results far greater than that for his clients.  If complete control over your income without sacrificing your happiness, your family, or your spirit along the way is the goal, there is quite literally no better coach in the world to partner with.

Saeri Wilde is a powerhouse of personal insight, growth and transformation.  Formally trained in Human Design, she has a unique ability to see below the surface, to see beneath the mask most of us put on to hide who we are, to be safe, to stay small.  Not for the faint of heart, working with Saeri strips away everything not authentically you in order that you may step into a way of being, a life more full of magic, love and success than you thought was possible.  


With a coaching practice based in love and radical honesty, she is able to gently and fiercely call out those parts of a person that they themselves cannot see; those parts that are holding them back from the life they want.  She then holds space and guides them as they begin to live in the world in a new way, to live in the world as a whole person, with nothing hidden, no goal out of reach.  


If the status quo is no longer acceptable;  If now is the time for REAL change, not the rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic that passes for “personal development”;  If you are ready to become the person who can effortlessly create an absurdly beautiful life...  if that is what you are ready to create, Saeri is the one you’ve been looking for to take the life you’ve been dreaming of and help make it the life you live now.