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Dive into being yourself and understanding how to respect others for who they ARE!

We hosted a free week of classes and connection... 

and now enrollment for the July HD Laboratory is open Wednesday June 29th to Friday July 8th.

We are clear and happy to be navigating creating this amazing service to our Human Design Community: AS AN EXPERIMENT!

With 12 investigator 1st lines between us, and both of us having 1st lines in our profiles... we are really appreciating the foundational work we are doing to create and offer this unique course that celebrates differentiation (HD is the Science of Differentiation).

This first crew to join us on the HD Laboratory Journey will be co-creating a legacy with us that will be a great resource for our fractal families.  

See free classes at the bottom and get access to the archives from the intensive when you enroll!

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In this course, we not only encourage (or help/support) people to use their authority in deciding if this course is correct for them, we also help people learn a bit about how they uniquely learn, so they can go through the course, getting the most from it.


4-week interactive course - July 4 - 29th

MONDAYS with Nova: 10-11:30am PST (recorded) -class & “homework” (experiments/observations)

FRIDAYS with Saeri: 12-1:30pm PST (recorded) -chart lab (check in, questions, shares, integration, etc)

THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COURSE: community space for questions, conversations, requests for help or clarity, sharing, etc

Week 1        -Welcome Week

Week 2       -Deep Dive into Type and your strategy

Week 3       -Deep Dive into Centers and your authority

Week 4    -Deep Dive into Lines and your profile


  • Unique interactive class model.

  • Class content personalized and curated for attendees’ charts, interests, and lives.

  • Class style is content + question driven.

  • You matter.

  • Your curiosities are here for us all to learn from.

  • Lurking is perfectly acceptable.

  • Questions can be submitted before class.


  1. To be you, in a space that recognizes, encourages, and supports you being you

  2. To be presented with expansive opportunities for foundational Human Design knowledge + suggestions and support for the real life application of it

  3. To have the opportunity to build rich, respectful, authentic, intimate connections/community/tribe (depending on what you are Designed for)


Nova Om

• 1/3 emotional ego-tribal Manifestor; RAX of Consciousness; PLL DRR

• 10 years of personal Human Design experience

• 8th year of professional Human Design experience

• source HD enthusiast (Ra, the founder, and his ilk)

Saeri Wilde

• 5/1 splenic ego Projector; triple split; LAX of Individualism; PRR DLR

• 7+ years into Human Design

• professional & exquisite seer, tracker, and guide, for individuals and groups

• 51-25 channel of initiation, aka deliverer of the shock of awakening with a soft landing


We should come with a warning label, with that double initiation we bring between Nova being a manifestor & Saeri being a shaman w/ the  channel of initiation!


• 6 month trial membership to THE CONTINUUM

• Evergreen access to this course every time we offer it in the future

• Free resources to share

• Trusted referral list of chart readers of all types

• Priority enrollment for in-person workshop

- (Humboldt County CA; July 23rd, for additional cost $111)


$222  +agreement to provide feedback about your experience

nova om.png

For the love of
HD Laboratory: Foundational    Intensive!
I’d like to inform y’all of the logistical details...

Nova Om, Manifestor

If you're ready to enroll, follow the link below to initiate the dreamiest, most practical support in becoming   YOURSELF!!!


Q. Will I understand how to read a HD chart from this course?

A. Yes, you'll know the basics like how to tell the aura type, strategy, authority & profile.


Q. I don't know my exact birthtime, can I still participate?

A. Yes, often times we can at least get clear on the aura type & then you can enter into your experiment to feel into the other information and we're happy to support you in that.  There are also services (we do not offer these) to have a birth time rectification done... we could help to find you a referral if that is of interest to you.


Q. What if I can't make it to some or all of the call times?

A. All of the calls are recorded... You can submit your questions for the Chart labs and we can address them so you may watch them in the recordings when it's convenient for you.


Q. Is there a community for this course outside of the classes and labs?

A. Yes, you will have access to our community platform via Mighty Networks, THE CONTINUUM.


Q. How long will I have access to the course recordings?

A. They are yours to keep and even share with others.


Q. Will you offer this course again?

A. We would like to... this is our first one, so we are going to go through it first and then see. If you are interested, we suggest you join us now in case we don't offer it again, or not until next year.


Q. Will you pressure me to engage on live calls?

A. No!  We are all about creating a safe place to engage if you like.  We know a number of people who get a lot out of watching others.  Full on permission to just watch.


Q. Will I get help understanding difficult relationships in my life like my parents, kids, spouse etc?

A.  Yes, you can ask questions about their charts and the best ways to interact with them, however it's important you engage in your own experiment, and we may suggest you take a break on analyzing others if we feel it is distracting you from what is best for YOU.


Free Classes, love Us

HD Introduction Class:

Open House Chart Lab"

Mariachi Band

HD Laboratory; FOUNDATIONAL INTENSIVE is the first in a sequence of progressively
deeper journeys and all roads lead to:

Human Design Mexico Experience January 2023!

When you sign up for this free week of HD classes & labs, you'll be on the list, in the know about what's next and how to come with us!

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