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How I Work... 2023

My heart is urging me to move away from being transactional and to deepen into my conviction that connection is the real currency in my life.

To experiment with how I offer the gift of my service and receive the offerings that provide the resources for me to have a thriving lifestyle for myself and my daughter, I am making myself available to connect and guide community spaces right now without any gatekeeping requiring payment.

You get to discern how you'd like to honor what you receive from me for these services.  I share them freely primarily on my facebook page Saeri Wilde.  That is a great place to message me as well

Ways to support my community playdates & workshops:

  • venmo @saeri-wilde

  • cash app $saeri

If you are interested in a monthly automated donation to be set up, or a bank transfer LMK by email or FB messenger.  I'm not sure if I'm going to accept any more payments via paypal atm.

Wizard Cohort is how to work with me 1:1.


My primary desire in my private practice this year is to support clients to lean into their BEINGNESS as Creators and to identify a project to create that inspires you and makes you feel congruent with who you know you are.

Projects could range from art to service to a dinner party to an invention and beyond!


  • $250/month, or $2k paid in full for 9mos

  • One Private session/Mo

  • Access to the Wizard Cohort call with other creators

  • Add more 1:1s for $150 as desired/needed

You'll have a calendly link to book your sessions at will, so you can pace your frequency and schedule.


I guide relational alchemy on projects, laser coach & spontaneously teach or guide journeys as I feel moved. These are completely optional and up to you when or if you would like to attend. 


I imagine we could decide we would like to meet up for an in-person retreat over the summer... I am open to creating something like that with you-all, if desired.  Heck maybe there will be a desire to create an event together to share with others for next year.  Projects between Wizards could sprout up too... I'm here to follow our wiles as a cohort and support you in yours!

If you'd like to connect with me and explore if Wizard Cohort or Witness Ceremony are for you, let's connect for a zoom playdate ❤️

Book directly into my calendar HERE

Witness Ceremony is the superb integrative shadow work I've birthed in the last 3 years of being a wizard-in-disguise-as-a-coach through the fiery collective shenanigans of the pandemic.

It's the first ceremony of 3 in Clarity Journey, which yields unstoppable clarity to navigate the embodiment of your highest frequency axis point.  It may sound wish-ball, but I promise you it's mind-blowingly practical and... IT WORKS.

Witness Ceremony precisely identifies the core problematic pattern that repeats, seemingly no matter what you do.  This pattern is also designed to evade your awareness, because it is protecting a precious part of you and delivering an essential benefit.

Witness Ceremony yields precise unforgettable awareness of:

  • Your pattern

  • Why you do it

  • How you do it

Once you've gained this awareness my team and I will support you with aftercare and integration as the awareness itself gently develops into more graceful and congruent expressions.

In the past I've facilitated the three ceremonies of Clarity Journey in 3months, taking one month to integrate each ceremony.  This year, I'm offering Witness Ceremony with 1:1 & group integration for 3 months.  I have some excellent clients who have gone through it and will be training to facilitate it while assisting me and offering their unique gifts to support travelers for successful integrations.

Witness Ceremony is an unforgettable, powerful and permanent step into living as a CREATOR [as opposed to VICTIM].  


  • Group only $500

  • Group + 3 pack of 1:1 sessions with me $1000

  • Private $2000

Important factors to note:

  • You may enroll at any time in March or April, you'll have less live time with the group, but it may suit you and that's okay with me.

  • You must be paid in full to enter into the work.  If you'd like to make payments, That's okay, you will just be admitted when you are complete with your investment.

If you'd like to connect with me and explore if Wizard Cohort or Witness Ceremony are for you, let's connect for a zoom playdate ❤️

Book directly into my calendar HERE

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