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In-aura means in-person... haha! No I just can't talk normal sometimes xoxo!

Getting together in our bodies is where this vision is going, and I'm starting small by hosting collaborative events in easily accessible locations for me and my single mama, solo-preneur lifestyle.

I'm imagining pot-lucks, Human Design Aura Experiments & Classes, ceremonies & yoga classes.  These are included in the membership, or can be attended for a suggested donation by non-members.  

If you would like to collaborate on an event with me, or host, book a playdate with me HERE and let's chat!  

I am especially looking for a location to teach my Yoga Ceremony class, Shamanic Flow.

Omboldt the continuum.jpg
the continuum festival banner.png

Pictured: Our blanket-fort Human Design discussion lounge at Omboldt Yoga Festival in Bayside CA 2022

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