Journeys are experiences with other travelers.  You may choose a journey to sharpen your relational skills, make new connections, amplify your experience or just save money.

These are offered as group experiences and teaching with some group coaching offered depending on the journey.

For one-to-one intensive work, I offer many of these as ceremonies you can peruse HERE

All Hands In

Enrollment dates TBA

The first journey will be Clarity.

Fish Bowl

Clarity Journey

Learn to reveal commitment in yourself and others.  There are commitments that create your current reality, and the commitments that would allow your highest available alignment. The gap between the two identifies the inner and outer work to release outdated commitments and step fully into alignment.

This is a game changer and lays the foundation for alignment before going deeper.

Heart Outline

Somatic Alignment Journey


Track your pain to find the root cause and discover the messages hidden in your body.

Guided processes and teachings to facilitate this process for others. 

Innerglowing target.jpe

Catalyst Creation Journey


Alchemize your baggage into space & energy. Intuitively guided group circles to work energy and vision.

Blazing Eye
HD wheel.jpeg

Gift Discovery Journey


A fruitful inquiry into your superpowers so you know what you need to train in next to master being yourself.

Practices, witness, & guided meditations to support you in receiving the gift you ARE.

Human Design Experiment


These journeys themes will be announced as I'm inspired/invited/have energy.

We'll gather around themes of relating to oneself and others to engage in the experiment together.


The Anatomy of Initiation

We have all been undergoing rapid change approaching a collective mutation.  

Initiation represents the spark of awareness of something totally new; a mutation.  

While we cannot know what will be, there is a pattern to how initiation unfolds that, when understood, provides a tool to navigate change with evermore grace.