Innerglowing Journeys

Journeys are experiences with other travelers.  You may choose a journey to sharpen your relational skills, make new connections, amplify your experience or just save money while still getting quality support.

Following the sequence, there is an opportunity to deepen into a deep wild founder's experiment at the 2023 Human Design Mexico conference, initiated by Wayshower Nova Om.

All Hands In

These offerings are meant to support you to expand your capacity for your own voltage in order to relate with others as a sovereign centered you.

The online component of all our Journeys are hosted through THE CONTINUUM, our online community platform and include a membership.

Heart Outline


  • Online Container

  • Date TBA in July

  • 6weeks

Taking offense is an excellent way to give your power away and is an alert of investing in not-self behavior and outcomes.

Saeri Wilde and Nova Om take you on a journey to cleanse your mind and become unoffendable so that you will be on track to never again give your power to another without conscious consent.

We'll be working with Human Design, movement, teaching, mental reframes to perceive reality correctly & tools to support your navigation to be unoffendable.  Includes an In-aura embodiment workshop in Humboldt County CA.

HD wheel.jpeg


  • July 2022

  • In-aura, Humboldt County California

Learn the basics of your design and your loved ones, learn how to relate with others as yourself while supporting them to be themselves for greater grace and connection.

We'll do some experiments to support you to directly experience yourself in ways that your cells will remember.


Innerglowing target.jpe


  • Online Container

  • Starts September, goes for three months... maybe more as we navigate offering it this way for the first time.

We'll go through the three ceremonies of Clarity Journey together as a group.  Saeri will demonstrate each ceremony with the witness of our group, then give a teaching about how to do it and how you may adapt it for your own.  

The intention is to make Clarity Journey more accessible on the whole by harnessing the chemistry of a group for individuals... and also to train people to facilitate it for others while preserving the integrity of the universal pattern that reveals patterns.

Blazing Eye

WA Fractal Experiment
Online & in-aura @ Human Design Mexico Conference 
Date TBA

WA is a mutative aura-form of 16 people or more.  Saeri carries some of the WA circuitry and has been envisioning working with teams of 8 people (half WAs) to train to come together in-aura with a shared intention and see what happens.  

Pre-requisite for this experiment is going through Clarity Journey.  If you are interested in being a part of this, let Saeri know and we'll coordinate a connection call to talk about if there may be a role for you in what's happening!