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Mountainous Region

 April '22 Wayshower Nova Om 

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There are some words that are bound to repeat in the experience of this woman that I do not tire of because they are so accurate: YUM! Yummy! Deliciousness! Luscious! Powerful!

Like: over and over again, I am helpless to say them, and she also says them to me! 

When we are together I noticed that we would enter into a Recognition Ritual: we would shower eachother with recognition and love... sincerely it is so wonderful, we have to rein it in to get things done because we could easily do this for hours and hours!

To have a correct manifestor in one's life is a profound blessing.  Nova has done her work, and continues to, to be herself with so much yummy love --and IT SHOWS!

When Nova stepped into THE CONTINUUM, life force filled the project.  She initiated us to be on our own social network and she made agreements with me so that she could see the starting of this exquisite space through to ensure a strong founding.

Working with Nova, I've had the privilege to really see the gift of her being; she is a master of creating BELONGING.  To be hugged by her is the absolute embodiment of belonging.  She creates belonging for herself and others wherever she is, whoever she is with.


Nova is the designer of our Welcome and Initiation Rituals.  Together we birthed the concept of THE CONTINUUM being like a campfire, and that's how we decided to call our groups Campfires.

I can barely begin to express the gratitude I have for this woman's existence and that I get to know her and create with her.  When we began collaborating, so much clutter cleared my space... things I had been spinning about for months and years swiftly dissolved into clarity and flow.

I'm proud to share her with you, don't miss this opportunity to get into this woman's field through her Wayshower Offering and corresponding Campfire inside our dear forcefield of THE CONTINUUM

Mountainous Region


Manifestor Impact Cauldron
This event was gentle power! 

Catch Nova's Human Design class & special offer on 1:1 Poetry Slam Chart Readings when you become a member.

Manifestor Impact Cauldron -Description

Need a nudge or a push from a manifestor?  Toss your stuck into Nova Om's cauldron of deliciousness and get ready to be MOVED

Nova has a great capacity to hold space for what is until it quivers and quakes into alignment.  She has an emotional authority in Human Design, it is truly a treat to have such a skilled emotional authority holding this kind of space.  

She will navigate the flow of this zoom gathering by her feels and intuition, within the vastness of her undefined G center (she amplifies identity, love & direction & is here to be wise about them).

A truly unique opportunity to attend LIVE and it will be a treasured recording in our archive and a well-tended Campfire in our membership site.

What to expect:

  • 90min zoom call

  • Warm welcome, informing and connection with Nova

  • We'll dive in together with Nova leading the way.

  • Integration time to share your experience and receive impact.


We recognize that those who watch the replay are also present with us in the ceremony, and we ask that if you will be attending LIVE, that you arrive 5minutes early, or on time so we can dive right into the ceremony without interruptions. 

Mountainous Region

Manifestor Impact Cauldron replay lives inside  THE CONTINUUM where we share our Wayshower Archives, Integration labs & virtual Campfires in a warm culture of belonging.

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