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I love to read this outloud. People who have received it this way all report going into yummy trances, having their own insights and breakthroughs.  This is my first full recording.  There are three mistakes -two times I read the chapter number after the first line of the chapter, another time I just don't pronounce a word... like I kinda skipped it?  I thought I was saying it haha! Anyway, it's pretty good, still I will be making another.  Until then, I gotter done, ya know?

More about the story and how it came through is below the player.  There's also a PDF of it, if you prefer to read it.

Origins of Light -Bodies with Hearts LikArtist Name
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Origins of Light Series

Book 1: Bodies With Hearts Like Balloons

This story wrote me in 2016, the year that the initiatory nature of my life began to come into clarity and I was bombarded with visions of my mission on Earth -and yeah, that sounds dramatic to me too, but that's really what I'm on: a mission.


I had the desire to write a story for the children to tell the truth about how we got to be the way we are -so far from who we are.  Without politics or victim triangle dynamics or manipulative trance bullshit --it just seemed so clear to me the innocence of our collective slumber, how we suffer from a game we forgot we were playing, and how we are waking up.  

What I wrote surprised me.  Well, I am designed to surprise and be surprised! Also the character that emerged is me.  

There are other characters and stories... I am taking the step to share this story more widely, it's been asking me to for awhile now.  So, okay story, I surrender.

I have seen illustrations [in my head] to go with this and have embarked on some paintings. I also have the sense of others making their pictures for it.  It's a wily vision, but I really love the idea of there being many different sets of pictures to illustrate this story.


A dear friend after reading it a second time said she saw it being shared with animation and I know all but nothing about that.  If you would like to create art for this story, or you have, or you know something I need to know, please contact me... let's connect!

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