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Heroic personal growth work can be done solo, in groups & with a professional helper, but when patterns reappear, it can feel beyond frustrating!

The reason patterns resurrect is the tangential approach: not addressing the ROOT.

Aaaaaand sometimes the root is not even in your lifetime .

Baby beings conspire to be born through certain families & their petitions can begin in their grandparents' childhoods:

✨ I was present the night my grandmother killed herself when my mother was 12, implanting the belief "it's never been enough" in my psyche.

✨ I've heard stories of grandchildren stopping suicide attempts like little guardian angels by appearing & imploring "please grandma, if you do this, I won't be born".

✨ I guided a client journey w/ the belief "I am not worthy of love & affection". We found two baby-being versions of himself, devastated by his maternal ancestors' loneliness. The belief originated with his grandmother's despair over losing her mother & unloving treatment from her stepmother, created two lifetimes before his birth

Can you see how his attempts to feel worthy, though courageous & committed, couldn't have addressed the root cause?

If you think you have a messed up fate or curse, I promise you: YOU DON'T. You simply need to interact with your subconscious in a way that shines the light on your pattern's source & integrate the awareness into your everyday life with skilled support.

There may be multiple layers to work through before the root of your pattern can actually be addressed, but I assure you:

With the combination of the precise deep pattern identification & integration work I've been developing intensively for 3 years, & the addition of Belief Coding® to my protocols... you are well on your way to actually completing your unique critter-of-a-pattern in a safe, effective & most efficient way.


It's an epic inter-dimensional ripple that has your whole lineage [& beyond] in celebration!

You are the one your ancestors have been praying for.


JULY 2023 ENROLLMENT BONUS: 3 private Belief Coding® sessions! (these are PRECISE and EFFECTIVE and take about 2hrs... available only while I'm still earning my accreditation)

Investment is in the low four figures (half what it was last year)

✨ Work can be completed in 3months, and you have 6 months of support available to you.

READY? Book a playdate with me! You'll let me know where you're at, I'll share more about this offer, and if we both feel the desire and alignment, we'll make a plan to get you started!


If you're still warming up to doing this deep pattern work... or you're creating the funds or the timing...

...sign up for my membership portal, THE CONTINUUM!

I show up LIVE 2x/mo with transmissions or community playdates and members have access to my archives of clairvoyant & Human Design classes, mini-journeys & transmissions. Only $33/mo!


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