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Alignment, Grace & Precision...

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

For me gorgeous disasters ensued until I began to really honor myself and others to require true clarity when hiring and being hired as a helping professional.

I’ve seen enough of the kind of folly that can unfold both as a coach and a client without this kind of clarity.

I’m done with that dangerous drama.

D. O. N. E.

I’m interested in alignment, Grace and precision…

…to the point that it is now a boundary for me that anything outside of that is not for me.

Those who are not aligned I bless and love by removing myself from their space.

Having my daughter definitely put me in visceral touch with the stakes of moving forward in my work as a coach without absolute clarity and alignment. I came to understand how loving it is to be clear in order to just not even dabble with folks who were not aligned.

What I find is that without the clarity about these four questions below, hiring someone is basically a shot in the dark and can create as much trauma as is healed, leaving one on a never-resolving healing loop;

A sort-of hamster-wheel-to-hell of perpetual self-improvement.

Before hiring or being hired I recommend asking these questions:

1 Do you actually have work to do?

2 If yes, what is the work that will really make a difference for you?

3 Is this the right timing for this work?

4 Who is best to help you with it?

I have discovered/created a process that reveals the true answers to these questions.

Often we know too much about what we think are the answers to such questions that we don’t even ASK… and then, even if we do, the pattern itself creates blind spots that keeps us enmeshed in the pattern.

This is why I require my clients go through this process ( I call it Clarity Journey) before I start coaching or guiding them to solutions of any kind.

I’m guiding the first step in the process for free on Monday Sept 13th 10am PST.

The first step is called Witness Ceremony.

Witness Ceremony reveals the unconscious commitment that creates the problematic pattern in your life that persists, seemingly no matter what you do.

It’s astonishing and it works.

As far as I can tell from facilitating this 1:1, it creates unstoppable clarity and that initiates authentic unfoldment. Even just this first Ceremony can ignite unfoldment in areas you may have been stuck since childhood.

If you would like to check out this free workshop on Monday, the link below gives more info about it and you can register for it there too.

This facilitation is designed to be private for many people at once via zoom… I guide it and you’re at home. There are opportunities to participate and to ask questions, but it is not required.

There are two videos on you can check out to learn more about this work.

One conversation is with my coach, Isabelle Tierney, who was a therapist in private practice for many years, you can hear what she says about it from that perspective.

The other conversation is with my friend and colleague, Amy Harris, who tested the adaptation for group work with me and she will be co-facilitating Clarity Journey with me (for those who want to continue and deepen with this work in a safe integrative container) and she’ll be supporting me with tech and the Q&A during the free offering of Witness Ceremony.

BIG LOVE on your journey navigating becoming oneself is the most challenging and most worth-it work IMO

Sincerely, Saeri Wilde

You can register for the free Witness Ceremony HERE

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