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Ancestral Completions

“I resent you for your face!” a man I’d known for 5 intense days barked at me during a Radical Honesty workshop (with 4 more days to go).

7 years ago.

You might think this would have been a low horrible moment for me, but it was actually a peak encounter with reality.

I grew up with everyone lying to me about what they thought and what they felt (about me and about life), whilst I sensed a reality that —no one I knew— even knew how to acknowledge.

And when I say “a reality” that I sensed… I mean: REALITY.

Also just: ME.

The loathing I sensed seeping off of this man in workshop was palpable to me. Palpable as all the things I had sensed my whole life seeping off of everyone while their words lied.

Here in this room the truth reined, and I began the process o