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Announcing Ceremony Reports

Dear Fractal Fam,

A little over two weeks ago, I had my first return to Aya in 11 years with my teacher, White Wolf.

Last Saturday was my first group ceremony in 11 years.

I completed a life long conditioned pattern that has been draining my energy and creating a glass ceiling on my creative progress on all fronts.

I feel strange to say that so plainly... it's such a huge deal and now that I'm aligned it seems just normal.

This way I'm in is so rightful to my being, that this feels mundane in comparison to all the drama I experienced toting and managing energies that are not rightfully for me to deal with.

I've been guided to share my process and experience, so I'll be available to share stories and be with questions today/Friday Aug 19th at 12pm PACIFIC time.

I see myself as part of a team of badasses who are actively engaged in inner and outer work to facilitate a smooth rise in frequency on the planet.

I've had two clients ask me: "do I have to do what you did to receive these teachings?"

Ultimately... I don't know.

But my sense is that I took this one for the team, so others don't have to... hence the sharing: it helps to hear about it in addition to whatever energetic shifts may have happened for you.

That doesn't mean another person is not going to go through some equally intense initiatory fires for some other piece that we all need, that perhaps I get to glean without the same intensity.


Saeri Wildfire

You can now watch the recording of this report on youtube. If you would like an invite to join future Ceremony Reports, both myself and my wizardly clients will be sharing on select Fridays every month. Sign up on the homepage to get your invitation and reminders.

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