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Asking-for-Support Baggage

Asking comes with so much conditioned garbage that when we do ask, often we are sliming those we ask with the puss oozing out of our wounds.

I mean, we wait so long to ask for support Ask to be seen Ask to be heard…

Even just allow and receive the things coming to us freely…

That our needs, hopes, inspirations & desires fester and the puss becomes pressurized. When things come to a head and we feel desperate enough to finally ask, one little scratch of that tender surface and the thing ruptures… and it’s gross!

But let’s recognize: there is gold at the center of the wound; gold that was meant to be shared, and instead stagnated in a hoarding, go-it-alone spirit.

It wasn’t a wound initially… just a little golden seed.

Golden seeds don’t thrive in hoarding, go-it-alone frequency; they fester and do not prosper.


Consider if your ASK HONORED the other.