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Asking-for-Support Baggage

Asking comes with so much conditioned garbage that when we do ask, often we are sliming those we ask with the puss oozing out of our wounds.

I mean, we wait so long to ask for support Ask to be seen Ask to be heard…

Even just allow and receive the things coming to us freely…

That our needs, hopes, inspirations & desires fester and the puss becomes pressurized. When things come to a head and we feel desperate enough to finally ask, one little scratch of that tender surface and the thing ruptures… and it’s gross!

But let’s recognize: there is gold at the center of the wound; gold that was meant to be shared, and instead stagnated in a hoarding, go-it-alone spirit.

It wasn’t a wound initially… just a little golden seed.

Golden seeds don’t thrive in hoarding, go-it-alone frequency; they fester and do not prosper.


Consider if your ASK HONORED the other.

What if you are truly letting them in on an opportunity to be a part of something great?

To create with you. To nourish and tend this Golden seed together.

It’s a conversation. A respectful honest negotiation.

It starts with finding out if you want to create together.

And then there is the sorting out of the roles.

***THERE IS NO OFFER IN THIS POST, you can relax that I am not asking you for anything but your consideration of how worthy you are, what a gift it is for you to ask for whatever you desire from the frequency of your lovely creative spirit***

When asking for money… someone giving you money can be a role in and of itself. But what it IS is contributing energetic resources for you to create.

What do you intend to create with that money?

More unworthiness for money and support, by chance?

People want to be a part of something when they give. They want to contribute. They want to see the thing grow up and thrive, find out how wonderful it can be.

If it’s just bailing you out…

you’re asking for money to get temporary relief before you re-create the circumstances that you will need bailing-out from yet again.

It can be addictive to the tune of victim/drama triangle dynamics, for all involved.

Then you came together & unconsciously created a festering puss factory. Cue the blooper reel.

What are you really desiring to create? What is the frequency of that? You can hold that frequency right now while you ask for help.

Honor the other with your ask in a way that they will be so glad that you did!

Just imagine someone saying you:

“Thank you do much for taking this money. I love what you’re creating with it; I’m so honored to be a part of this”

Maybe it’s a business, maybe it’s art or food or a school or home… it doesn’t have to be anything anyone’s ever heard of!

Whatever appears materially, it’s based in your frequency of being. Whatever frequency you watered that seed with will show up in the matter. You can tell.

See? Frequency MATTERS. Creates matter. What palate are you working with?

Water your golden seeds with your truest sweetest frequencies and prosper.

My deepest desire is to see everyone create this way. It is The Ultimate IMO, and will swiftly reveal Heaven on Earth.

Warmly, Saeri Wilde

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