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Breathing as Yourself

Things get so interesting walking around unapologetically myself and aware. Its not what I imagined it would be, when I longed to be like this.

Stick with me as I lead up to a wild real-life encounter.

Do you notice these collective pacts to “not look”?

How about to not give any evidence of breathing —No sound, no movement— while projecting an image that we are getting enough breath?

It’s so cute how our minds think they know the image of someone breathing deeply and completely. It reminds me of when I was in England as a teenager trying to do the accent, and the locals could hear me coming from across the Atlantic Ocean...

Because the reality of breathing deeply and completely is so wonderfully unpredictable —unlike the plodding drudge of energetically matching the status quo everywhere you go, barely registering the minimum ration of air —

That when you come from HERE [resourced with breath]…

…or encounter someone who is centered in their breath with zero exceptions: The contrast is clear which way, is the more loving way to BE.

When you come from a place of breath being your #1 priority, your acceptance of reality