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Y’all, I’m way too sensitive for this modern world.

I should probably be some obscure medicine woman that you can only find through your dreams and you have to have given up completely on something you never dreamed you would in order to be ready for what is calling to you through my oracle.

Who is the husband of such a woman?

I just deleted all the dating apps.

The psychic hygiene of most folks is very very poor. It’s not like I stop feeling them living on this Earth, but at least it’s more manageable when I don’t have hundreds of men looking at my name and image every day projecting all their hopes and fears onto me

And tbh? I have a number of people actively cursing me from family, to exes to past clients.

To be fair I also have these gorgeous wonders who periodically POUR praise all over, even when I’m quasi catatonic with my grieving bottleneck.


Still it’s all a lot for me energetically. Life is commanding me to feel oceans compared to

the thimble ration of feels most people on the planet have to digest. And many of them aren’t even dealing with their thimble full.

BTW, when you only have a thimble it’s easy to look at ppl like me and pass all kinds of judgements while thinking it doesn’t matter if you deal with your thimble or not.

If that’s you, I love you and whatever your complaints about the “outside world”… kindly walk yourself to the nearest mirror and take a nice long LOOKY LOO; you’re looking at the cause.

My oceans have been cleaning me out REAL GOOD! And curing me of leaky boundaries and a deposit of unworthiness I didn’t even realize I was packing….

#grateful #blessings #blablabla But hot damn it’s hard.

I’d like my spoonful of sugar, thank you very much Mary Poppins!

Mary Poppins?!where are you?!

I fantasize about giving up, and even giving up is revealed as a way to go on

I’m getting better at letting go. I wouldn’t say I’m good at it. I feel like I’ve been in a freaking 15 year bootcamp and I have even given up on that ever ending.

Like what if this is no training? It’s just showtime every mother-loving day & night?

I’m “this close” to never again saying “I’m almost through this”. I’m not sure there’s any such thing!

Since the correction in my Human Design chart [after nearly 9 years ] the naturalness of two aspects, recently empowered with awareness, have yielded a burgeoning solution to how to possibly find my mate in this clutter of static and mixed signals.

I have guilt motivation, which is all about solutions & fixing.

But I also am quad right, which means I’m zero percent strategic, like not a bone, or a hair of focus originates in me… (tho it CAN be pulled through me. Inquiry for another post)

So let’s imagine this non strategic problem solver

Hmmm… mind is not too happy with that combo but she’s seen enough at this point that she’ll entertain anything if she gets her fair dose of mindless entertainment while body does dishes and makes dinner and other domestic delights that are strained pleasures when being a lady head if household with no back up people.

Anyway, I’ll share the process in the comments to keep your mind engaged with the promise of a little prize in a new spot… bc I really may have a unique solution for those of us who may get crippled by online meeting before we can even go on dates!

And to boot: for reals dating as a single mama? How is it supposed to work anyhow?

I need a dating subsidy, yo. How about we instill a new value in our culture that dates pay for babysitters. If he can’t afford a babysitter and dinner out… I’m cool, feed me figs under the stars and cherish my ugly cry as the gateway to multiple orgasms and a very talented lady at the ready for lifelong devotion, homesteading arts & creative shenanigans.

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