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Divinely Deaf

Sometimes I cannot hear.

My ears work fine.

I recognize the origins of this occasional deaf-blindness to be something I call

"Need-to-know basis with Spirit".

Are you familiar with the "need to know" rank status used in the military?

It's essentially recognizing that on a covert mission, each operative only knows what they need to know, because superfluous information could not only distract from the singular and crucial task one may have to perform... but could also corrupt and sabotage the entire operation.

As I write that out, thinking about the way humans can use this means of governance to control each other and ourselves to do things that are not congruent with our hearts and souls... I feel kinda yucky tbh.

It makes sense objectively though... to succeed at something that would encounter high resistance in the field, to protect each operative from being compromised by certain information that would risk their integrity in performing their specific duty.

That's why I think "need to know" originates with God --or whatever you call that mysterious organizing force of Life.