Hey peeps! I've had my ear to the ground for the last three months, listening and listening for what I need to do, how and when to share more of the work I have developed through Witness Ceremony, and when to open THE CONTINUUM.

Clarity and forward motion has been granted and I am rolling out THE CONTINUUM as the doorway to my work, my excellent colleagues' work and all the possibilities to create with you and between us.

THE CONTINUUM officially opens February 1, and until then, I'm warming up things in the Facebook Group, which you can presently join for free. For more info, check out THE CONTINUUM at

NEXT MONDAY JAN 10TH AT 12PM PST, I'll be hosting an impromptu Integration Zoom Call, where you can come and get support with your Witness Ceremony findings.

Haven't done Witness Ceremony yet? Would you like to do it again?

CLICK HERE to access it, and you can also find it in THE CONTINUUM FB group.

Witness Ceremony is a profound process to discover the precise problematic pattern that repeats in your life, seemingly no matter what you do... AND the underlying unconscious commitment you are carrying that keeps you on that loop.

Basically: you get to find out how you create the problematic pattern in your life.

Witness Ceremony is super duper deep, you guys!

After I initially launched the self-facilitation video for free (shared above), I went through a time of doubt, wondering if it was responsible for me to just put it out there like that.

I personally went to the very edges of my own pattern and unconscious commitment to test my findings through and through. It is at times an extremely uncomfortable process, but I can say that for those of us who are ready to take responsibility for our lives, there is nothing more worth it. And IT WORKS.

The way my heart will let me share Witness Ceremony with you today is that I offer support through THE CONTINUUM, as well as 1:1 integration service for those who need deeper support.

Have you heard that the energy of the New Year is not really here until around January 21st?

We also are collectively completing 10 & 7 year transition periods into the truly new energy of the future as we cross into the true 2022.

This is the perfect time to review those pesky patterns that have plagued you, maybe for your entire life.

For many of my peeps and myself, the awarenesses that popped in the last 10 years have been astonishing. GAMES are changing.

Properly acknowledging, digesting, honoring & integrating is of utmost importance for a successful completion of these old patterns in order to truly move forward in new ways of higher alignment.

Are you ready to really put these patterns to bed?

Do your Witness Ceremony this weekend, and join me Monday for an integration call. I'll be there to laser coach you through any places you got stuck, address any confusion or concerns, and will lead us all through a little guided journey of completion.

Witness Ceremony Video 90mins access HERE

Integration Zoom Call Monday Jan 10th 12pm PST

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