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Fully-Baked Transformation

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I've been investigating a discovery about how to successfully transform.

I've long wondered why, so often, our most sincere efforts at transformation seem to collapse like a half-baked cake.

Now I know:

It's not the coaching industry...

It's not manipulative people...

It's not that you're too damaged, traumatized, complicated, smart, stupid, impossible...

It's not that you're not a generator or a manifestor (or that you are)...

It's not that you're not worthy,

Or disabled in one way or another...

It's not that you're a single parent...

Or that you eat the wrong foods in the wrong ways...

Or don't get enough sex...

Or even enough sleep (though lord help us who dance with that problem)...

Yes, these things are factors and symptoms... and any one of them *could* be THE THING that you need to address first...

But until you know precisely where your entry point to change is actually located...

Until you have CLARITY for YOURSELF?

It's not TRANSFORMATION you're investing in...


And if the "house" is always ultimately winning in the Casino of Life... the "house" in this case is not-self conditioning.

The Program. The Matrix. The Man.

I don't care how freaking Quantum the method is, it will return you to the program of your greatest distaste... just maybe an upgrade of the program.

When I say "CLARITY for YOURSELF" I mean that you discovered it for yourself.

You heard yourself SAY IT and you felt the truth in your body reverberate like a gong through your whole timeline:


You KNOW where you are in relation to the UNKNOWABLE.

No one can diagnose you. Or read your aura or past lives and tell you this kind of clarity... EVEN IF THEY ARE RIGHT!

This is why so many of us struggle and spend lots of money with excellent practitioners to still feel incomplete and maybe even betrayed.

Some of you have given up on getting support to fully bake your transformation, and that breaks my heart.

Nothing is wrong with you. You are here to live the frequency of your dearest longings and desires.

You just need clarity; REAL DEAL CLARITY.

Once you have that, the way you make decisions is forever changed in the direction of your highest alignment. Who you hire, for what, and when.

Bold promise, aye?

This is why I've been testing this method that reveals unstoppable clarity for nearly two years now.

Testing and refining and listening to it... because it's less that I created this method, and more that it introduced itself to me as I became unwilling to coach people back into The Matrix with the promise of getting out.

It's time for me to share it more widely.

I'm ready to stand by this work.

While no one can tell you your clarity, it is possible to be guided to it. And that's what I do really well for those who seek this quality of self-responsibility and personal power.

If you are ready to really know how you created the things in your life that you want to change... and really change in the direction of your highest alignment...

We can have a discovery call, and if doing this work together is resonating for us both, we'll have another call to talk more in-depth about enrolling in this journey with me.

It's called Clarity Journey.

It's actually the pre-work that I now require before I will do in-depth 1:1 coaching projects. Depending on you, Clarity Journey could be completed in 6 weeks, or 3 months, or I'm even open to it taking longer...

...let me know if you'd like a link to my calendar to have a discovery call.

***If you worked with me before I used this method, I have a special proposal for you, should you enroll in Clarity Journey. I appreciate you, my past clients, and I want to support you in getting even more out of the work we have done together, and course-correcting or fine-tuning your trajectory if that is what is needed.

art: Surrender, by Maggie Sharar

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