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Healing from Storytelling

It’s time to heal from our own storytelling.

The story why you aren’t busting the limits of your own radiance.

The really really good story of why you can’t/didn’t/wished/wanted/was stopped IS NOT telling the truth in the end.

It says “blah blah blah it was so hard and fucked up and I was so beautiful and innocent and THAT’s WHY I have no value, no money, don't know HOW and can’t do what I need to do to heal and become who I really am here to be.”

And yet our spirits press us on our purpose/mission way... and because we keep living we think we have to figure it out.

I call that the “Hamster Wheel to Hell”. Ever been on that one? I still like to get on it sometimes just to prove I can get off of it... #myMind #mylifeWEMUST STOP IT. We have enough evidence that these formulas do not solve for "x"... they are loops.


This space is for you to breathe and really feel if you are willing to feel if this is true inside of you... because it’s probably gonna sound crazy and it's likely an angry chorus of story voices will start yelling. Or a casino full of sexy smooth talkers with slippery logic.




What has happened to you...

every pile of poo

every shit storm

every betrayal






It’s your willingness to accept your life, take responsibility and navigate your path of radiance AS YOU that determines the materialization of your riches.

It doesn't have to make sense, it probably won't.