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Human Design Laboratory FREE WEEK

Hello Beautiful Human Design Curious & Desiring Connection!

Nova Om (yummy manifestor) & I are hosting a complimentary week of Human Design Laboratory: FOUNDATIONAL INTENSIVE.

It kicks off TOMORROW...

Monday June 27th 10am-2pm PACIFIC Nova teaches a live 2hr HD Foundations class (recorded yes)…

We already have 57 people signed up in just five days of not even sharing that hard (and I just realized I didn't tell you-all about it! haha). Nova and I would both LOVE the problem of maxing out our zoom room at 100!!

...then later in the week we’ll have two Open Labs to look at charts, welcome inquiries, connect, share experiences & observations.

This is for you if you:

  • are new to Human Design and would like some help seeing what's what.

  • would like to deepen your understanding through connection.

  • have people asking you about Human Design and you want to have a trustworthy source to share with them about the basics.

  • even just would like to see what we're doing and how we're doing it.

We're both super excited (like omg omg) about the way we're facilitating these Open Labs; we have designed them to suit the


t of our nature to serve at our highest capacity yet!

The content will be curated by us based on who attends, with an emphasis on engaging with experimentation and awareness.

If this would bless you or someone in your life, please accept our humongous hearts' invitation to receive support, witness or even just watch (for you kinky hermits... we love you!)

Just register with your email through the button below! You'll be taken to our website where you can read more and sign up.


Saeri 5/1 Splenic, Triple Split LAX of Individualism, Projector xoxo

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