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Human Design & Peace in Relationships

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I have this ex who we broke up annually for 7 years! When we finally broke up for good, we agreed to co-block one another and delete each other’s contacts

This is a story about knowing & not knowing Human Design.

Like it was REALLY hard for us to stop our extremely unsatisfying & unsuccessful relationship.

He is a generator & I’m a projector.

It takes 7years sometimes to complete a cycle.

Also, he has this channel that has to do with crisis, & I only had the crisis side of the channel… so every time I had a crisis, he would usurp it!

Like e.v.e.r.y. time. Like he didn’t get on a plane to paradise with me TWICE, so he could stay home & talk to the therapist he didn’t like.

I was a flaming codependent projector who thought, & sincerely felt, the responsibility to help & heal everyone else so that I could just exist…

& he had a super traumatizing childhood with an aspect of his design that made him highly unlikely to change… & prone to even breaking under the kind of perseverance I pack in my design.

I was fresh into Human Design in the last blazing year of our magnificently hot hot mess of a relationship that… for sure was a blessing in surprise because I matured & healed and got so very clear about my mission on Earth (yes I’m one of those with a mission, it was just different for him, so he couldn’t possibly lead me in the way I crave from my man).