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A huge dream theme for me has been that I'm a spy (also warehouses & grocery stores haha).

In waking life there's been this theme of people misinterpreting my intentions. I said years ago to a coach of mine "it's like they think I'm lying about something --like I emit that frequency, but I don't know what it is".

Well... I found the lie: I've been experimenting with the wrong Human Design for nearly 9 years!

Not ALL wrong. I'm still a 5/1 splenic projector on the cross of Individualism.

What I'm not, & some of you may want to brace yourself [just a bit of informing for my mani peeps]...

I don't have the full channel of Initiation [25-51] & hence no defined G & Ego/Heart center

I started a 2017 group "Big Healthy Ego" for defined egos ONLY.

We're meant to be wise in undefined areas... I'm an investigator (the "1" in the 5/1) & what better way to be wise about defined egos than to go unconsciously undercover AS ONE M'SELF?

This post is the start of me adjusting to this change in perception. I'm still in shock.

There's been some grief &, with each hour knowing this truth about myself RELIEF.

I don't know what I'll do with the FB group... If you feel a pull to be a part of the solution, defined for undefined, let's talk!

There's a notion to unpack each piece of new information post by post... but I'm cautious to say "I will" --that power of the defined ego-- after years of pushing myself so hard, making promises & trying to prove myself with an inconsistent amplifying heart... I'm taking it easy.

The timing is brilliant, hosting the first local HD meetup this weekend. My respect for this knowledge & how it can help or meddle is intact... & that's how I desire to be as a teacher & guide.

I need to tip my hat to my pendulum muscle testing practice, resurrected this Spring, choice by choice cutting through illusions & restoring me to this vital truth.

This all brings me back to a principle I work with:

"Need to know basis with Spirit."

That is: you'll know what you need to know, when you need to know it. If you're not finding something, maybe there's a reason. Maybe, in your searching, you are missing what's here, even if you don't know it. ******** I’m bringing muscle testing into ALL of my work, especially with HD. Early question for client’s body “is this chart correct?”

Someone brought up Sidereal HD charts recently and after enough research to make me question if my whole “new” chart was hogwash… I just asked my body:

Is there truth for me in sidereal?


Is this birth time on my birth certificate correct?


Is my tropical HD chart correct for me?


Now then. Don’t need to waste anymore bandwidth on those rabbit holes.


Embodied Certainty --guidance to tune up your muscle testing to have confidence in your answers and clarity in how to inquire in the most effective ways.

I'm guiding a group journey in my membership THE CONTINUUM (only $33/mo)

or if you'd like Embodied Certainty 1:1, you can book it HERE

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