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Important & No Big Deal

“Wow! This sounds amazing and like a really big deal!” peeps have been saying about THE CONTINUUM when I’ve shared it over the last couple of months.

“Oh yes, it IS!", I would say.

I would have these visions stalking me day and night with their lite grandeur… and then I’d just be dragging my feet when it came to implement.

Why? WHY?

Well I’ve finally got it folks: IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL

It’s important, yes.

Cool? Si.

Magnifique? Oui oui!

BIG DEAL? Non non non.

This is not another thing to bottleneck your creativity, overextend yourself, over-commit and find yourself in another half-started should-heap-of-shame when you aimed for Heaven (but maybe just aimed an aligned income).

No, Hell no!

And it’s not that for me either as the hosting mama creatrix.

I have three precious workdays to see my clients & I still would like to exercise toddler-free more [okay, AT ALL] in that time…

I have one potential night a week when I can make out with a friend and kick up my heels, if my non-sacral self has the bandwidth, an invitation is there and my motivation desire is en fuego.

This vast-little space of permission has got to be synergistic and easy to show for.



What it IS:

🌈 A 6month EXPERIMENT that lasts thru July, when I shall re-evaluate and perhaps take on some creative partners.

🌈 A club that puts you in the front row to connect with and experience the best Wayshowers, according to me.

—because I have worked with them, I have asked, and I am paying them to create one offering for our community that is their best and favorite work. (First one is next week... Ceremony of the Soul's Evolution with my shaman White Wolf Purnananda)

🌈 A way to get in the room with fabulous ME, and my fabulous friends, coaches, clients and colleagues. If you’re in there, you’re on THE CONTINUUM of connection with me and everyone else in there. That’s GOLD!

🌈 A playground to connect, share & witness great work without a bunch of hoardy rules about sharing your biz and without making a commitment or yoking yourself to an obligation to show up for ANYTHING.

In honor of what I’ve learned about the magic of money, I ask for just a sprinkle, like fairy dust, to help this freak experiment FLY. The possibilities are endless, the creative license is HIGH... the probability is FUN.

I have some grants to help people join who find my sprinkle to be more like lunch money. Just ASK.

All are welcome who resonate with me… from my hidey-hole-phase hermits, to my off-the-roof opportunist role models (hey hey to our Wayshower Allison Crow!), and of course our universalizing Heretics (like myself) under the gun to broadcast practical ways to save humanity.

NO BIG DEAL! haha!

The point is:

There’s a place where you can be you and be seen, be supported and try some stuff, if you want. Even if you don't use it very much or at all... you know it's here and you're a part of it.

Just because when you’re ovulating you may project onto future you that you’ll want to go on a critical mass naked bike ride *every* weekend, doesn’t mean you will (you won’t), and it also doesn’t mean that one time you did it wasn’t awesome (I did it once and it WAS!)

I’m having ONE open house for this mother-ship this Friday. If you miss it/can't make it, and you like this, just sprinkle some magic through the webpage and I’ll see you in there!

To register for the open house video call, just look down (to look UP!) 😜

Because yo: there’s as much universe inside of you, as there is outside… maybe MORE!

Let’s explore 🥳

To just get to sprinkling... you may go directly to THE CONTINUUM page.

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