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In Disguise as a Yoga Teacher

5 years ago I stopped teaching yoga to allow something coming through me that felt way too deep in the context of yoga-studio-yoga.

Holding public classes felt akin to serving ayahuasca for fifteen dollars with a street shingle promising "stretching'.

It just didn't feel congruent. I was walking around as a wizard in disguise as a yoga teacher. I felt like a large grown person who was still wearing infant socks. I didn't even like socks. It felt ridiculous. And also dangerous.

I didn't leave teaching behind completely, though. The years I spent building up my capacity to teach to 1 person or 50ppl...

my audacious acceptance from my teacher Ana Forrest to 'practice ujayii breath for the rest of my life'...

having irrevocable access to the absolute life boat of my body and my breath, along with the understanding of how to guide another person's experience of themselves...

ALL of this CAME WITH ME as the unshakable foundation of the coaching practice I enjoy today.


Today I would say I'm more like an Initiation Mentor in disguise as a life coach. I help people assess reality to successfully guide them through the fires that guard irrevocable access to themselves.

And Spirit has been saying it's time to bring the breath & movement back; to create ceremonial, in-aura spaces for people to directly "stretch" their form's capacity for their own voltage.

I'm quite relishing my comparatively fat body since I last taught. It's still so strong and smart and responsive to the grace of my practice.


Next weekend, in the midst of a flurry of other directives from my bossy spirit, I'm hosting my first Yoga Ceremony in over 5 years.

It will be in-person in the lovely Old School in Bayside California (Humbodlt County), and --GOD WILLING-- it will also be streamed.

This class is no charge and will be followed by a modestly-priced Human Design Embodiment workshop with my intrepid manifestor bestie, Nova Om.

I never really know what will come through when I guide a group, and I have done it enough as a yoga teacher, and a coach, that I trust the alchemy and know how to speak to it --and even touch-- in such a way that eases individuals into their bodies to directly receive their own information whilst riding the momentum of the group -without loosing anyone in the conditioning.


To come, I have a simple opt-in form on my website where you can express your intent to come to "yoga" (online or in person), HD workshop... or BOTH.

I would love to see you there. I miss communing and serving this way. There is much more to come from me --the levels I'm being called to serve this year are humbling.

And I'm here for it.

Loving you,

Saeri Wilde

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