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What is your relationship with confusion?

What happens in your head, emotions and body when you recognize you are in a state of confusion?  

Is it a trigger-zone for you from which disaster may spring forth?

Do you have periods when you are just jamming on life and work...

getting shit done [check! check! check!] inspired and in action doing what you know nourishes you taking risks, reaping rewards "if I keep this up forever the future will be very bright very fast!"

and then...

then it just stops.

You may not even be sure when it stopped.  

[Scratches head]... "just a couple days ago I was ON FIRE. Now I'm BURNED OUT/ FRUSTRATED/ PISSED OFF/ DISAPPOINTED/or just ?????!"

Then cue a chorus of self-talk trying to analyze the situation, understand what went "wrong" so "we' can get back on track (I can't be the only one with a "we" as well as "I" and "you" going on in my head?).

Or maybe you don't even catch the waves of these kinds of energy highs anymore because your crashes have been so devastating in the past.

What did happen?

In terms of who you are and what's up in the world and YOUR world... the possibilities are endless.  

For however much you actually know or perceive about your own cycles, patterns, habits... it's safe to say, when you hit this zone, you are likely upside-down and up-to-your-ankles in CONFUSION.





For many of us, confusion acts as a trigger for whatever TRAUMA we are carrying unresolved. For support with navigating trauma with grace, check out the class I just taught online... currently available as a GIFT:

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