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Invitation from NOVA OM

This is a FB post from April Wayshower, and THE CONTINUUM social network initiator, Nova Om. Click on the image to watch the recording of this event.

Saeri Wilde and I have been deeply devoted to ticking “to do”s off our lists, so we can officially open the doors to THE CONTINUUM tomorrow, after the free event I am hosting, where I’m gonna lend some Manifestor impact to intuitively unstick your stuck stuff in life

I’m so excited about THE CONTINUUM. It’s a social network platform OFF of Facebook, to gather conscious folks around 2 things (so far)

1. Conversation around the the topics of Human Design, Plant & Animal Medicines, Embodiment, Shamanism, Elderhood & Rites of Passage, Collaborations, Space-holding, Soulful Business, Sexual Polarity, Container Creation, Integration of Deep Work, and more

2. Once-a-month powerful group offerings from Saeri’s personally tailored list of people offering their most potent medicine to the community

There is more to this space and the offerings, but this is the foundation it is built upon

I love the powerful and beautiful ways Saeri has cultivated the details of the vision of this space (for years!) that is finally coming into fruition, and I love that it is off Facebook, so there are so many ways we can cultivate unique and deeply-connective curated culture and commUNITY, free of algorithms

If you are interested in checking it out, she is even offering a 2-month free trial to come explore it People who sign up for my event tomorrow [if you can’t make it to the event itself, it will be recorded] will be given the link to the plan that includes the 2-month free trial, or if you aren’t feeling drawn to the event, you can PM me and I will send it to you tomorrow