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Life-long Conditioning COMPLETE!

I’ve been pinching myself: did I really do it?! Yes, I did; I finally did!

I’ve been integrating the completion of a life-long conditioned pattern that I finished off on Saturday night in sacred tea ceremony.

I haven’t been in a way to write about it yet, although what I have written in the last three weeks has been a part of ripening me to be ready.

I am so clear, however, that this is to be shared.

I already have been able to transmit this understanding and reclamation of self to my clients and a couple of friends and…

BELIEVE ME: if you can get it from me this way, instead of the way I got it…

It’s worth a try!

My process included an unmerciful amount of puking and being so weak that I faced soiling myself and my bedding if I couldn’t get up to the toilet

—SPOILER ALERT: I found the strength to walk, not crawl to the toilet!

I’ll be telling the story of how I found the strength and the others that illustrate the breakthrough I’ve had and how you can ride my coattails to have your own breakthrough.

No one has ever seen or done what we are doing on the planet right now in terms of stepping into alignment with the essence and potential of humanity. Those of us who are on this leading edge, called to support others who are awakening in our wake need lots and lots of support and fellowship.

It’s time to come out about who we are, and that’s why I’m sharing these intimate details: so you can glean anything you possibly can from my experience and recognize the strength you have to become who you’re here to be.


This Ceremony Report already happened... you can watch it on youtube below. If you would like to join one of our upcoming Ceremony Reports with myself and my clients you can sign up for an invitation on my website home page

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