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Life-long Conditioning COMPLETE!

I’ve been pinching myself: did I really do it?! Yes, I did; I finally did!

I’ve been integrating the completion of a life-long conditioned pattern that I finished off on Saturday night in sacred tea ceremony.

I haven’t been in a way to write about it yet, although what I have written in the last three weeks has been a part of ripening me to be ready.

I am so clear, however, that this is to be shared.

I already have been able to transmit this understanding and reclamation of self to my clients and a couple of friends and…

BELIEVE ME: if you can get it from me this way, instead of the way I got it…

It’s worth a try!

My process included an unmerciful amount of puking and being so weak that I faced soiling myself and my bedding if I couldn’t get up to the toilet