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Masculine Sensitivity & Feminine Pain Body

Masculine men are sensing; sensitivity is a masculine trait.

Healthy masculine is designed to sense feminine feeling.

Cultural stereotypes and wounded women may say this is not the case, because they assume that if a man could sense a woman correctly... that he would do what she wants. And that is a tragic assumption, as a healthy masculine man's response is trained upon what he senses the feminine woman needs that he can provide, not her preferences based on what she thinks she needs [informed by her wounding].

Sensitivity is a masculine trait because the masculine is naturally a leader, and ideally is leading his woman, family & service in the world based upon his purpose or direction, as guided by his unique essence & higher power...

He needs to be sensitive in order to have the information to properly lead the individual others in his life, under his protection & provision, so that they are in alignment with who THEY ARE for their highest and best...

And therefore the highest and best of his family and himself.

Healthy masculine ultimately wants what's best for everyone, which again, may not be everyone's preference.