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Muggle Resistance

"The muggle resistance is HIGH today" ...was the thought that was impressing itself with it's defeated wit, as I got in my car to drive to a location where I could connect with one of my Comrades of the Catalyst of the Golden Age (aka "The Innerglowing Constellation") and a functional internet signal.  A long awaited and anticipated meeting with someone I recognize as a KEY player.

  • Resistance was high because my internet wasn't working;

  • Because the garbage truck seemed to be backing up eternally wherever I was (and this is NOT garbage day!);

  • Because my daughter's father had just revealed his persisting desire to cut child support in half in the same breath as the word "fair";

  • Because I had double-booked myself in my first hour...

All of it just poking at my fear of failure.  Am I fucking this ALL UP?  Where did I take a wrong turn?  Is life just screaming at me?: TURN THIS SHIP AROUND!  IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU, FOOL!

But wait.  It's a muggle's right to resist... maybe even their JOB.

That is out of my control, obvi. So I took another kind of inventory: open channels, rather than clogged ones.

  • I remembered that when I messaged my first meeting that was double-booked I wrote "I'm sexy" instead of "I'm sorry"

  • That my double-booked meeting wasn't even there and then when we connected, she asked me TWICE to send her the link to pay me after saying she doesn't need to meet.

  • Uhm, she also asked if I would "be her projector" --to which I asked her if I was having a projector wet dream!

  • When I got to my call spot after the massive internet weirdness, my soul sister and I grounded a poor connection even with plenty of bars like the badass priestesses we are... and sustained a dimension-shifting conversation.

  • I got a SUN-SIZED BOMB of clarity from that call

  • I risked sharing my heart's desire with this person and then we both giggled like little girls with tears in our eyes at what we have created, discovered and are going to create and discover even more together...

  • From my clarity, I wanted to approach the transmission I had to share with my next meeting differently, but wouldn't have time. She had just messaged me, when I went to check in, to say that another time would be better for her!

  • Came home skipping and swinging my monkey-encased ipad right by all the cars parked in front of my house waiting to pick up their kids from school (as nearby a garbage truck backed up).  Parents bumping music loud, arming and disarming their car alarms, realizing blinds are open as I sit down to pee and a mom's pink hair moves by my window to get her kid out of the car...


This shit can't touch you when you are part of the 


Would you like a team to reflect the openings so that you don't even care about the clogged pipes and painted over windows?

Becoming the Gift You ARE is OPEN for enrollment for 19more days. CHECK IT HERE ON THIS HERE SITE

Need to move some energy to receive such a gift of support in your life? 

To trust yourself to even want it?

Thursday 3pm PST I'll be on FB LIVE with one of the Innerglowing Constellation Professors, The GREAT Lightworker Tatiana Sakurai, Busting up Trauma Programs for Ascended Embodiment... We'll be live on my personal page @Saeri_Wilde

Think of it as a field hospital, lightworker triage!

Come and get your collective blast of light to clear the cobwebs that keep you thinking it matters if muggles even exist,

much-less resist!

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