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My Grieving Practice

Over the Summer I had enough of all the grief I had been toting around for, like, EVER. I confronted myself with the question "what do you know you need to be doing that you have not been doing?"

The answer was to regularly engage in a sustained supported back bend.

I began and the grief stirred and moved. Some crazy shit went down in my life, was already going down... again, like, FOREVER! And I could not hear another whiney narrative from myself until I earnestly tried this regularly.

About mid-way through the Summer I was present for an abusive outburst between two people I love. It was holy to be there, prepared & centered like the warrior I am.

I had awoken early that morning and had the biggest pour-out so far, walking around the house afterward just weeping and weeping.

My body knew it was coming.

I was calling it my grieving practice... but these days I think it's more accurate to call it my radical alignment practice. I truly moved a large part of that old old baggage, older than this lifetime, for sure, and, while it wasn't that long ago that I cried... it has been awhile since I did it over this health bridge.