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My Healing Hidey Hole

It's time to let your magic out beatches!

Do you feel it?

2015 to February 2020 I described myself as a Kamikaze for Unconditional Love -who would not crash [as-in refused].

I was like the town crier with an urgent message, urgent for experience, for connection, for helpers, for a foundation... knowing I needed to get ready!

Full of visions of my role and this change coming to us all on Earth...

I was a leetle beet lost in time, but it was necessary to hurdle myself full-bore into my work, because these shifty shenanigans we are in right now are happening sooner than I thought they would!

Man oh man, was that shit painful and hard and did it ever make me bow down and surrender to the beautiful mystery of life!

Filled with a pressurized purpose, in 2020 I stepped out to offer one Journey, and then then another with amazing [to me at the time] colleagues who, one and then the other, bailed juuuust before we opened enrollment.

When it happened for the second time in two months... I said "Okay LIFE... what's going on?! I'm listening."

What I heard: "Duck! Get down! Lay low."

And I did. Whoo-eee, after the years I had been through, I knew not to question those kinds of divine directives.

I trusted that even though I wasn't in the action of fulfilling my visions, and even though the visions had not changed... that I was mysteriously on-course.

Then Covid happened and I entered a truly mysterious flow with relationships and resources unlike any I had ever experienced. I also got out the sacred steel wool and diligently and gently, scrubbed the lacquered left-overs of my trauma and conditioning that I had dubbed "The Residue"

FLASH FORWARD to this year (2021 if you need a reminder heh heh)...

...I started to get intuitive alerts that this cozy little hidey hole of my healing would be coming to an end in the Fall.

I was called to go without a coach in the Spring, which I have not done since I accepted my mission in 2016.

Then the Summer was for getting ready for the Fall coming-out and I hired my coach Isabelle Tierney with the most awareness and clear intention that I have ever hired a coach.

In that work I stopped identifying as a victim and refined my enrollment threshold, Clarity Journey, which creates unstoppable clarity to take the most aligned next step on your highest trajectory. (I require my clients go through Clarity Journey before I propose a project to embark on the deep work of their deepest longing)

Since completing that work with Isabelle I've been enjoying the last days of some beloved bad habits and I've been savoring... oh SAVORING! my sweet sweet little hidey hole.

I know if I stay in here, I will eventually get kicked out...

So here I come!

Yes this is me unable to sleep in the wee hours of the morning because I fucked off so much while my daughter was with her father... savoring savoring my little hidey hole!

Writing this message, letting you know that The Continuum is coming.

I'm creating a curated space for individuals who want to engage and relate in a container that recognizes each individual's inner authority on the continuum of client-coach, student-teacher, physician-heal-thyself-phenomenon.

The CONTINUUM is the refinement and culmination of my work in the last 7 years.

It 's only $20 a month for a wizardly group call with the best professional helpers in my rich network, a call with me and a community space among equals to digest whatever you're working on with me or anyone else.

I'm holding two or three free Open House calls per week for the rest of November...

Anyone who signs up in November will be entered into a drawing to win a 1:1 Witness or Highest Axis Ceremony with me (ceremonies include a month of Bat Phone support and an integration call. These ceremonies are 2 of 3 parts of Clarity Journey, which creates unstoppable clarity)

At the Open House Calls, I'll lead according to the energy and who shows up, you can pop in any time in that hour to connect, ask questions, and play. It might be just the two of us, it might be a little fractal party! I'm showing up open and ready to connect with whoever and whatever shows up in the space.

Open House Calls already booked for next week:

Monday 11/8/21 11:30am PST

Tuesday 11/9/21 10am PST

Friday 11/12/21 12pm PST


More info about The CONTINUUM here:

Thank you for tuning in! And if you are not feeling the vibe here, please bless us both by unsubscribing below.

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