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There's an uncomfortable and essential-to-communicate phenomenon

I've been investigating with my coach.

THAT IS: the way I communicate the urgent vitality of the call to work with me.

In the past,

I have communicated about it in a way that

I feel tempted to CONVINCE someone

to do the work that is going to answer all their prayers.

Here's a translation of where I've come from energetically:

'Here ye! Here ye!

Do you have problems that you only like to pretend to be solving?

Do you project that you're all healed?

and secretly resent anyone who

even seems to suggest

that you have more inner work to do?

or that you could possibly


Not just



Come on over here!

and I'll argue with you about ALL THAT.

I'll do it in and empowering

and loving way,

I'll also probably do it FOR FREE!!!

while we both pretend that we don't know

that the real problem is:

you're NOT READY.'

I'd like to go officially on the record to say:

🎯 You're ready when you're ready; there's no value judgement to be made between yes and no.

🎯 Ready is a decision that is accessible usually when we've had enough of something, and want more of something else.

🎯 I'm READY to work with the READY ONES, because what unfolds when people work with me is 🔥🔥FIRE🔥...

🎯 The difference between FIRE when you're READY, and when you're NOT is vaaaaaast

🎯 🎯 🎯 VAST like between the ability to receive & perceive a ❤️‍🔥MIRACLE❤️‍🔥 [while understanding the mechanics of reality]...

and just feeling BURNED🔥🔥🔥 [while tolerating that even just a little bit of life is kinda messed up and maybe wrong].


So like, for realz... ya girl is closing Ye Olde Shoppe of Convincing.

If you know you hang around for a good spar with me

through a veil of

"I already know what Saeri's talking about

and this does not apply to me" vibes,

kindly put your focus

somewhere not redundant for you



and let's do this inner work!

For the the blessed


of our deepest longing.

Because ya know what?

Last week my coach called me to preach some stuff about REALITY and being a CREATOR that:

not once did he blow my mind or loose me.

I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about.


I wrote down EVERY WORD anyway.

Because I know the residue

that I was still holding, to block my own light,

needed the repetition,

seemingly from another person.

I know he was speaking that to me,



I understand, yeah yeah yeah

I've got it!

Most importantly,

he spoke it because



He knows that too.

He won't say the same thing to you.

He said that FOR ME.

From me 😉

That was MY BEING

he was speaking back to me.

It's kinda like letting someone scratch an unreachable itch for you,

or pop a pimple on your back...

You know what needs to be done.

but doing it yourself could put a


and still not GET IT.

So hey, why not?

This makes sense to me!

And let me be clear:

trying to do everything yourself


(we all have a right to our kinks)

You know when he blew my mind?

When, days later, I wrote him about what I saw was happening.

And who I AM

that casts circumstances

and people into BEING

in my experience.

He replied [to that rather long written message of mine that I dared to send]:

"This brought me to tears"

"The love you show yourself here"

"I love you and your work"

That blew my ducking mind.

Like whoa, wait a minute,

I paid this guy to help me


and here he is grateful

to work WITH ME?

Funny reveal here:

I honestly did not understand that second message

until I looked at it


As I looked at it again to write it , I thought:

'I might write Craig first and ask him what he meant by that second sentence.'

The impression I had reading it

--the like THREE OTHER TIMES I looked--

was that there was some typo 🤣

Sincerely. It wasn't in English to me 🤯

And this is why I'm prioritizing spending another 30days with this man,

despite that I know exactly what he's talking about,

every time he gives me a talking-to.

Here is a legend for what you might conclude from reading thus far:

  1. Maybe Craig's your guy.

  2. Maybe I'm your Craig.

  3. Maybe there's someone else you're thinking of right now, who is your Craig...

  4. Or Maybe you are beyond having your own Craig.

If you're 1 or 2, call me.

#3? Call them

4? I would probably either congratulate you or pity you, but let's not find out.

Because we both know you're doing just fine!

Just like everyone else (aka 1-3)

and you don't GAF

what I think.



Thursday March 30th, 12pm PST I'm hosting a gateway open to all to talk about what this is, and how to get started. Register to attend live HERE

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