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Original Vision Ceremony

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Summer 2016, Spirit called me into ceremony late at night, alone under the oak and bay trees off-trail in Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa.

Weeks before a client had chosen this same vicinity for his initiation ceremony with me and we communed with spirit of mountain lions, deer and little birds while he embodied and practiced the wildness of his spirit.

Not far from that same spot the same year I sat in ceremony with a priestess sister and 3 owls showed up in the tree we were under and serenaded us as she released deep karmic patterns and gently healed.

I sat there in the dry weeds that solo evening and in flowed the awareness that I am the one to lay a foundation for a school unlike any other by recognizing the teachers, helping them come up to speed with themselves while I come up to speed with who I am to catalyze a great awakening.

I saw layers and layers of beings who may come forward in the flesh, circling up in ceremony with me that night in the ether.

My role for about an hour was simply to recognize the being as present and say "welcome, everyone has a choice"... over and over and over again. My mind says it's crazy, but in truth, having the 25-51 mystical channel of initiation/shaman/priestess... it is not that out of the ordinary of an experience for me. Still, it WAS, and it was wild!

Afterward I stopped at a bench back on the trail and manically scribbled out potential structures for the school, I even wrote a page on merch -haha! In the following days (and years!) I was whomped with the terrifying grandiosity of my vision and the overwhelming charge to line up and raise up all these layers of teachers and start a school.

My mind was totally like: WTF, that is crazy and HOW?

What has boggled my mind, and still does, is how deeply co-creative this vision is and how intricately each person's gifts and becoming are woven into the fabric of humanity's desire to wake up to the beauty of life and live as a GIFT.

The flagship program in the school is called Becoming the Gift You ARE. I offered it for the first time in 2018 as a 3month New Year Ascension for 5 courageous souls.

After two other attempts to duplicate the format of the first successful round of Becoming the Gift You ARE, I opened to some revisions coming forth for experimentation.

We are currently in our first year of offering Becoming the Gift You ARE as a monthly membership.

The initiations are cranking up and more and more frequent these days, there are portals we are passing through often that are opportunities and invitations to step deeper and deeper into who we are.

This program is for people who recognize this, want to be awake and gentle with ourselves and see that there is no turning back -we are part of a spiritual imperative to live as a gift and it is time to gain experience of ourselves this way on our path to mastery.

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