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Problematic Patterns Contain Soul Gold

The alternative narratives have been showing their true colors lately: that they can be just as much a part of mental control dynamics, as anything else.

The patterns that create “problems” in our lives, that skew outcomes in disappointing ways, only are so successful because WE PRACTICE THEM all day every day.

It’s cute how we just make declarations and try to change.

It’s like getting on the freeway in the Matrix with no training; we’re more likely to get bagged and dragged back into the illusion than power-jump into the sky like Superman…

Or stop bullets trained on our hearts with the clarity of intention in our hands.

OH! All the things we DO to *try* to touch that nectar frequency of our true essence of living! They mostly are to dodge these self-sustaining blocks to touching Life for longer than a couple seconds…

The blocks are there [thinking they are] protecting us from death, but what they actually DO is protect us from LIFE.

The blocks THEMSELVES can sound like really good ideas to “get free”. Things like:

“Stop doing that thing that you know is bad for you” “Meditate more” “Take your vitamins” Nearly anything involving the word “should”

They sound so good because they are carrying truth. But it’s truth co-opted to ultimately elude you.

Nonetheless, because of the truth hidden in our blocks we cannot just “get rid” of them because they are carrying our God-given SOUL GOLD.

There’s no way you can get rid of your soul gold.

Sorry, not sorry

If you want more LIFE, the first step is to acknowledge and respect your blocks for all the benefits they provide, however twisted, convoluted and in-resistance to your highest alignment they may SEEM.

I promise you [promise you!] that you are benefitting from them more than you may have ever imagined you are benefitting. (And I’m talking to my peers here too who have done SO MUCH work on themselves; it’s even trickier for us!)

Here’s what WORKS to stop being your pattern’s beatch:

(WARNING: Almost no one wants to do it, and that would be the problematic pattern itself broadcasting.)

Find out how you do it, and then practice doing it ON PURPOSE. Don’t change ANYTHING, but allow things to change if they do (they will; you will IF you stop trying to facilitate change)

Your pattern’s days as you’ve known them will be among the last days you experience life that way.

I have developed a process to discover the root of your problematic pattern. It comes with recommended aftercare practices to keep you from getting bagged and dragged back into the matrix.

I also provide accessible opportunities and suggestions to acquire trustworthy support in integrating your discovery for your highest success.

For it to work you really have to be ready, desiring and committed to touching as much Life as you can get your hands on…

Because, like I said: when it comes down to it, most people don’t want to do what it takes to be their own honest-to-God savior.

However, there’s a nifty little paradox that can engage when one admits they don’t want to change, they can find the willingness riiiight there to allow it anyway.

And that, my friends, is when the key appears to the magical door you’ve been wanting to open.

The process I developed is called Witness Ceremony.

It’s yours for the claiming in the form of a 90min video I created with my friend and Energy Coach Amy Harris.

It’s hard to call Amy an energy coach. She’s more like the sentry of God’s meadow of clarity. IDK, I just know this lady is space-holding incarnate.

Still working on what to call her. Oh the vastness of undefined G centers!!!! And the fierce beauty of a 3/5 emotional generator with a defined ego

Yum yum yum!

Anyhoodles! ❤️‍🔥

If you feel that fire in your heart…

…or you're balancing on the razor’s edge of crisis and Nirvana...

If you feel the grit to take a sobering look in the mirror: Witness Ceremony may be what you’ve been praying for.

Just remember that prayers aren’t usually answered in the way we think we need or want them to be

Keeps things interesting: just how we like it!

Witness Ceremony can be accessed here:

I'm offering integration support in THE CONTINUUM, more info:

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