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Problematic Patterns Contain Soul Gold

The alternative narratives have been showing their true colors lately: that they can be just as much a part of mental control dynamics, as anything else.

The patterns that create “problems” in our lives, that skew outcomes in disappointing ways, only are so successful because WE PRACTICE THEM all day every day.

It’s cute how we just make declarations and try to change.

It’s like getting on the freeway in the Matrix with no training; we’re more likely to get bagged and dragged back into the illusion than power-jump into the sky like Superman…

Or stop bullets trained on our hearts with the clarity of intention in our hands.

OH! All the things we DO to *try* to touch that nectar frequency of our true essence of living! They mostly are to dodge these self-sustaining blocks to touching Life for longer than a couple seconds…

The blocks are there [thinking they are] protecting us from death, but what they actually DO is protect us from LIFE.

The blocks THEMSELVES can sound like really good ideas to “get free”. Things like: