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Resolving the Trauma of Spring

The Spring has hosted some of the most traumatizing scenes of my life, contrasted with the most wonderful.

When I became pregnant with my daughter and the train wheels of this pattern began to moan and screech into motion, by the time I was ripe with baby, the momentum was just swift and terrible enough, the stakes were high enough…

That I found myself in the opportunity to begin the steady and deliberate dismantling of this pattern.

Today is my birthing day. It’s a big day for me in the timeline, a major portal and opportunity to heal.

I’m hosting Quantum Timeline Repair*** today in a few hours. It is among the tools I have developed to actually change and guide others to actually change.

It’s open to you to attend and be guided through reclaiming the energy from a memory that anchors a pattern in your life.

It’s not a one and done kind of thing, however it is a powerful tool in the process and I’ll be announcing some very accessible ways to receive integrative support from myself and others on your journey.