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It's true for me that I love to help, I need to give!

When I give with wild generosity, it makes me glow with purpose and often I hear prayers are answered uncannily

Whenever I struggled with concerns about how to make money as a yoga teacher, human design guide & life coach…

I just came back to that I actually get to DO THIS.

Over the years as I gave abundantly, boldly, generously... my purposeful glow prospered! But I started to notice that if I gave too much, not only would I suffer physically & financially, but the effects of my giving wouldn’t land as intended.

It turns out just being in my field can be helpful , and if I over-do-it, even in loving enthusiasm, gratitude can sour to resentment.

BUT! when someone enters my field with even a small offering...

a win-win situation blossoms where I can give more in a way they can actually receive...

And I get my purpose glow on, without being a creepy codependent!

Well I’ve worked out such a space to engage with my overflowing heart AND loving boundaries.

It’s a dollar a day, has weekly live calls with me, full spectrum permission to show up or not as it suits you and a synergistic community of other sweet sovereigns.

If you are curious, reach out , I truly would love to connect with you and hear how what I’ve created might help you. email me hello(at)innerglowing(dot)com or contact me on FB

*photo is Rob Brezsny’s performance art. My fav astrologer! More about him at

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