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SAERI's RECOGNITION of David Schwendiman ​

Dave comes to me through my beloved aligned coaching tribe that I was invited to by our great and dear coach, Gary Mahler.​And this might really be where THE CONTINUUM began, because after two years as a coach, floundering in the bullshit world of sales scripts and avatars and 7 figure bla bla bla... there's a whole sequence of alignment that brought Gary Mahler into my field and Gary is how I knew of Dave Schwendiman. Sweet relief!

I watched a video he did for Steve Chandler's school of coaching prosperity (with whom Dave apprenticed with a couple of times or more) and, hearing him talk about his coaching practice, I was salivating with the longing to work the way he works.... Which was --at the time-- that he would sit and meditate and clean clean his energy and mind with Ho'oponopono and then show up completely unattached and devoted to service when he met with prospects and clients. ​ When Dave and I first met on a call, I had survived my pregnancy and birth of my daughter solo as the abuse dynamics were revealed in my family, navigated two California wildfires (and close brushes with three others), I was paying rent with pretty much no income to speak of and really struggling to enroll clients in my coaching practice, even though I was a wizard m'self. ​ My daughter was 2 years old and still nursing like a champ. My nervous system was fried. I had zero friends in a new town and no family to back me up. I was eating from the food bank. ​ Dave made me a bold promise that he could help me create the money to hire him. And he did. ​ Dave's the only coach I have recorded my sessions with him and actually watched them back to take notes and glean every drop of his genius. He's practical, zero fucks with love, and an absolute master of creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. ​ He's also funny as hell! I have never laughed so hard on a coaching call. He just had all the good medicine I needed at the time and I respect him and am eternally grateful for him endeavoring to support hot-mess me. He never quivered in his confidence of our mutual success working together. ​ The project we did together was to make me unfuckwithable and unoffendable. The approach to creating my coaching business to be financially stable to thriving was to focus on relationships --which was just crazy enough that it actually WORKED! I had been focusing on money since I started coaching, and with Dave's help, I saw that it was a very labor-filled way to create not enough money that basically was like dumping garbage into my frequency. ​ I mastered enrollment with Dave as my coach by seeing that all I cared about was alignment --not the money or the number of clients. From there I got crystal clear that I didn't enroll ANYONE [ever], I supported people to enroll themselves if that's what the alignment called for. At this point in Dave's career, when I've asked him to be a Wayshower for THE CONTINUUM, he said he's trying to get rid of clients and they keep offering him more money to keep working with him! He's become a neon sign artist seemingly overnight and is preparing this month for his first gallery show! ​ He's also selling the house that he embarked on buying with only $800 in his bank account a couple years ago... and getting ready to buy and move into a castle next month out-of-state. ​ All of that to say: Dave definitely did not have to do this event with us. He doesn't need business, he's busy and wildly successful as is. He's here because he is devoted to service and relationships. ​ Read on below about this unique opportunity to see a master at work and connect with him during the Q&A. ​ I am so honored, so blessed, so very grateful to get to share David Schwendiman with our members inside THE CONTINUUM for only $22/mo or $222/year... it's because of working with Dave that I can create something like this and be so generous. ​ My heart is overflowing! on beyond the picture of me in the thick of it being coached by Dave, for more information about this unique and priceless opportunity to experience Dave's Genius

Please join us for PROBLEM DESTROYER w/ David Schwendiman See a master at work invalidating and solving seemingly impossible problems. May 20th 12-1:30pm PST Available to Members of THE CONTINUUM Problem Destroyer -Description At the core of Dave's genius is an ability track logic so masterfully that he can unravel and solve any problem. This event will have two hot-seats for people bringing an impossible problem to be coached by Dave. (If you have an impossible problem to challenge Dave to coach you through, reply to this email and let me know, we may have one more hot seat available!) We'll complete with a Q&A and opportunity to connect & share recognitions with Dave directly. ​ What to expect:

  • 90min zoom call

  • Dave coaches two people on the hot-seat

  • Q&A

We recognize that those who watch the replay are also present with us in the ceremony, and we ask that if you will be attending LIVE, that you arrive 5minutes early, or on time so we can dive right into the ceremony without interruptions. ​ The Friday following our Wayshower events, Saeri Wilde hosts an Integration Lab for our members to gather, share & get some support integrating their discoveries and breakthroughs. The support continues on our social platform with the replay in our special groups called Campfires.

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