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Self Leadership w/ Allison Crow

As I prepare to write this recognition, I was thinking that I have not met Allison in person... I don't have any pictures of us together, but actually, I first met Allison in person at Rich Litvin's Extraordinary Coach Intensive in Santa Monica in 2016. ​ Allison was a client of Rich's, and had been for awhile. I saw her coached on stage and... WOW, she showed up so vulnerable and also as a leader. ​ That weekend was holy for me because I had been engaged in stepping into two invitations to be a coach since January, and this was September.

Already in my journey I had purchased a self-guided course by a coach I really wanted to work with to get established in the business of it --I didn't really do the work, and I didn't really know who or what I was as a coach yet. I also didn't know that I didn't know -haha! ​ Then I got enrolled to take a big leap with one of these coaches with a big fancy company. I opened as many credit cards as I could, started paying my rent with those credit cards (yes I know, I know). After I was already signed on their very real contracts (read: they're all set up to report to credit agencies and fight you in court)... I realized these were not my people! ​ That's when the book The Prosperous Coach, written by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, came blessedly into my awareness --I gobbled it up and saw that Rich Litvin was hosting an intensive SOON! I enrolled my first $1500 client from a hybrid approach of the book and the sales techniques I learned from the shady coach company... and turned around and purchased the intensive with not a penny to spare, ​ I slept in a bunk bed in someone's air bnb house. ​ So yeah, Allison was there among this illustrious tribe of coaches with actual integrity. It was like coaching Shangrila for me! I was not quite a year into my Human Design Experiment and I was absolutely ravenous for people's charts and had barely any boundaries about offering guidance. Yikes! ​ Allison has a practice of taking art doodle notes and was doing a big one on the wall of the hotel conference room. After seeing her bare her soul on stage --Rich would do these panels coaching his clients in front of the room, I thought I had it pretty well worked out that she was a projector in Human Design [like me]. I had it in my head that I was going to save her by blowing her mind with what blew my mind when I found out I was a projector --that I was not here to work! ​ Spoiler alert: she is actually a manifesting generator! ​

These are her notes from the year I met her btw:​

I approached Allison where she was a captive audience while making notes. Thank goodness I had enough sense to connect with her, offer my appreciation for her presence and what she shared she was going through before asking her if I could look up her chart [and offer insights, of course]. What struck me about Allison from the moment I approached her was her humble

presence and openness to me. She emanated an equality and neutrality that I could be as great as she was, for all she knew. When I asked her if I could look up her HD chart and see if I could offer anything that would help her with what she shared on stage, she said yes. ​ My baby HD experimental self swelled with purpose! Three years later, I had since navigated the turbulent entry to being a professional coach simultaneously with motherhood and the wildest wild fires California had ever seen; I had a 2 year old and Allison was publicly navigating a huge shift in her business from 1:1 clients and group programs, to having a membership group called Soulies. I too had a vision for a membership group; I wanted to learn from Allison's process and I also wanted to have a coach but needed a break from the way I'd been hiring people I could not initially afford -then throw my hat over the fence to do whatever it took to come up with the money. :::I'm not knocking doing extreme things to come up with money for coaches, I'm so grateful to myself that I followed my guidance and did that --I was already in the thick of it and desperate to heal and grow so I could support myself and my daughter (which I can now see is objectively genius to dive into shit when you're already in the shit, I doubled-down on myself and it WORKED)... I just was ready for a break; it was a new season and time for me to shift from surviving, to sustaining on my way to thriving::: Allison welcomed me into her group that was only $88/month at that point (or was it $188 hmmm, it was a wonderfully great deal whatever it was). There was one group call I was on and I was really freaking out about my daughter's father and money and all the things. I was a frazzled solo mama with zero family support, in a new town. Additionally, I was driving with my phone on my dash pointed through my steering wheel --probably to get my girl to sleep so I could get coached-- and my daughter woke up when it was my turn and was doing her Aries yell-cry from the back seat as I full-on broke down in front of the good business people in Allison's group. I remember Allison staying with me and coaching me very slowly to allow for the baby interruptions. She said that in the past she would have been really triggered and judged me for the baby and all that, and that she was just allowing and grateful for me being there now. A man from the group asked to speak to me; what he said infused me with the structure of fatherly, grounded masculine love that I still draw on to this day, I'm crying now as I write recalling that pivotal moment: I had said that I knew I was supposed to send my daughter's father love, that he needed it and that I knew it would come back to myself and my daughter, but that I just couldn't do it. He said that was okay and that he would do it for me. All of the others on the call would send him love for me. It was a miracle that I could get that kind of support through a zoom call that Allison hosted. Anyway... I fucking love Allison Crow. She's so real and fun and loving and she has a way of just slicing through bullshit by showing up as herself. Her beingness extends permission to everyone else to be who they are too. Allison's field is both spacious and cozy; she tends a fire inside of her that extends her generosity of spirit to anyone who even follows her on social media. One of the core pieces of snappy wisdom I've received from Allison is "Share your heart, show your work"... and then there is her slogan "breathe y'all" which brilliantly transmits all I've shared about her here with her Texan flair! This is the second time Allison has said yes to show up and serve a group I have gathered. I don't quite know how to impart how lucky I feel that she comes out to play with me... it's like she's doing me a favor --I mean, she IS-- ALL of my Wayshowers are in a way... But what she is really doing is honoring me with her presence because of our connection and her recognition of who I am and what I'm doing. Like, holy cow, y'all! Its a divine mirroring of love all day and night and not in an exhausting inspirational way. You know? Since I left Soulies in 2019, Allison has been deepening with some profound "parts" work through Internal Family Systems and is pioneering that IFS is not just a therapy modality, it's a way to build authentic self-trust. What she's doing with it in the realm of Self Leadership inspires me deeply. I'm so honored and excited to share Allison Crow with you; my biggest passion is for sovereign support, and this queen lives it, gets it, and gives it. For the logistics and description of this event, CLICK HERE and scroll down past this story. Thank you for reading about my beloved coach, colleague and friend. Thank you, Allison, for allowing the clueless little projector I was to come into your field and mature into the congruent miracle worker I am today. I LOVE YOU!

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