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Self Leadership w/ Allison Crow

As I prepare to write this recognition, I was thinking that I have not met Allison in person... I don't have any pictures of us together, but actually, I first met Allison in person at Rich Litvin's Extraordinary Coach Intensive in Santa Monica in 2016. ​ Allison was a client of Rich's, and had been for awhile. I saw her coached on stage and... WOW, she showed up so vulnerable and also as a leader. ​ That weekend was holy for me because I had been engaged in stepping into two invitations to be a coach since January, and this was September.

Already in my journey I had purchased a self-guided course by a coach I really wanted to work with to get established in the business of it --I didn't really do the work, and I didn't really know who or what I was as a coach yet. I also didn't know that I didn't know -haha! ​ Then I got enrolled to take a big leap with one of these coaches with a big fancy company. I opened as many credit cards as I could, started paying my rent with those credit cards (yes I know, I know). After I was already signed on their very real contracts (read: they're all set up to report to credit agencies and fight you in court)... I realized these were not my people! ​ That's when the book The Prosperous Coach, written by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, came blessedly into my awareness --I gobbled it up and saw that Rich Litvin was hosting an intensive SOON! I enrolled my first $1500 client from a hybrid approach of the book and the sales techniques I learned from the shady coach company... and turned around and purchased the intensive with not a penny to spare, ​ I slept in a bunk bed in someone's air bnb house. ​ So yeah, Allison was there among this illustrious tribe of coaches with actual integrity. It was like coaching Shangrila for me! I was not quite a year into my Human Design Experiment and I was absolutely ravenous for people's charts and had barely any boundaries about offering guidance. Yikes! ​ Allison has a practice of taking art doodle notes and was doing a big one on the wall of the hotel conference room. After seeing her bare her soul on stage --Rich would do these panels coaching his clients in front of the room, I thought I had it pretty well worked out that she was a projector in Human Design [like me]. I had it in my head that I was going to save her by blowing her mind with what blew my mind when I found out I was a projector --that I was not here to work! ​ Spoiler alert: she is actually a manifesting generator! ​

These are her notes from the year I met her btw:​