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Solstice Gift Specials -Give the gift of flight! :P

We can fly, we just don't.

It's funny to me that the potential to fly doesn't motivate us individually and collectively beyond these fuel guzzling, gas-passing hunks of metal guarded by guns and surveillance and extreme questioning.

A few years ago I was including this in my enrollment conversations.

I was surprised how many people cooly said:

"yeah, I know we could fly, that's not news to me, but I don't care about that... I'm just trying to figure out [insert external measure of okayness]"

What I understand would lead to us flying is an absolute presence with our bodies.

Feel it all, own it all, learn how you create every sensation inside of you.

Then you can consciously practice the sensations you favor, and that will lead inevitably to levitation.

Flying then, would mean we had worked pretty much everything else out.