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Solstice Gift Specials -Give the gift of flight! :P

We can fly, we just don't.

It's funny to me that the potential to fly doesn't motivate us individually and collectively beyond these fuel guzzling, gas-passing hunks of metal guarded by guns and surveillance and extreme questioning.

A few years ago I was including this in my enrollment conversations.

I was surprised how many people cooly said:

"yeah, I know we could fly, that's not news to me, but I don't care about that... I'm just trying to figure out [insert external measure of okayness]"

What I understand would lead to us flying is an absolute presence with our bodies.

Feel it all, own it all, learn how you create every sensation inside of you.

Then you can consciously practice the sensations you favor, and that will lead inevitably to levitation.

Flying then, would mean we had worked pretty much everything else out.

I have had two clients btw who levitated when they were younger.

They secreted it away, doubted themselves and continued slogging through life as it was presented to them in conditioned material reality.

Neither of them could hide their magic from me, so they may as well just fess up! And they did. They were masters at creating heaviness to keep themselves locked down with the whole Earth gravity narrative.

When I led them through the process I consider flight 101, they felt the opening to experience that again one day. (Flight 101 btw is also called Claim Your Pain and usually leads to mindblowing sensational ease and spaciousness.)

I'm not saying gravity isn't a thing... just that we only engage with a fraction of our potential relationship with it so we are blind to its secrets.

Most of us are pretty fried atm and could do with some quality reflection, guidance, energy work or witness to remind us that we have been having transformation after transformation for a mother-loving decade now... and it would be wise to take a beat in these next few weeks to integrate and restore before the dawning of this next cycle leaves the station.

If your nervous system were soothed and stable, do you think you might be better able to access your peace, satisfaction, success and wonder?

I believe we are on the precipice of a major major threshold which hosts benevolent forces and incentives to live more from our bodies, live out who we really are... and a side effect of this is that one day, humans will hover and frolic in the ether playing with light and shadow like playdough as the divine creators we are.

You don't have to believe like me that we will take flight to sense that the potential for something miraculous is as likely to be upon us, as armageddon.

What if they are the same thing and the only difference is that Heaven is you claiming and mastering every sensation...

and Hell is you projecting every/most sensation's source on the external?

Who wouldn't choose Heaven over Hell if they were fully conscious of that decision?

I figure I have about 10 available hours in the next two weeks and my heart is aching to share the many ways I can help my peeps who are aiming for the Heavenly rendezvous... dust them off, polish and sparkle them, like Dorothy was in the Emerald City in preparation to meet OZ.

And like Dorothy and her crew... we may find that which we desire has been with us all along. A little assisted relaxing can go a long way to freeing up your magic.

I'm doing these sessions for a hundred bucks because I really want to do them. If that is too much for you right now, I am open to creative agreements to love you up with congruence.

You can purchase them as gifts too. Included are Human Design Readings & conversations, Reiki & guidance into a Yummy Restorative Trance.

Just check out my service page and let me know.

Thank you for taking care of yourself and letting me support you, if you do.

You’ll be helping me too with some Christmas cash flow while I sit on my hands and wait for my birthday threshold before I move forward on some new and exciting projects.

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