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Soul Puppetry

If you're not in your body, where ARE you?

And while you're out... what's IN you?

I have been tracking my departure from my body consciously for over 20 years.

Recently I'm struck by the simple truth that most people are leaving their bodies, to go occupy other people's bodies, and hardly anyone is IN THERE.

Who is steering all these ships?!

I think this is the primary mechanism of not-self conditioning.

It’s also my hypothesis that the reclamation of each individual body is the only answer to our "problems" as a species as we prepare for a new species to emerge from us with the joy and ease they are requiring.

Let me say here that it is my direct experience and opinion that each of our bodies are uniquely designed to host our own part of spirit/soul to fulfill whatever the purpose of that particular part.

So it's really pretty silly to be trying to navigate our unique relationship to purpose, in someone-else's form.

…….. It *can* be great fun to leave one's body with the awareness and skill to also remain anchored to the body and not leave it open to interlopers. Most people are not there atm.

For those of us who are there & close to there… we more often are choosing to stay IN to strengthen our experience in contrast to the bulk of our experience having been OUT.

We have unconsciously developed super powers that we are just recently learning to respect and understand that it’s appropriate to use them sparingly!

So many of us were raised with parents who used these unconscious gifts to their advantage to schlep through parenting unaware, unprepared--with their own parents still puppeting them whether alive or dead--

We developed these counter strategies to leave ourselves in order to attempt to occupy our parents to stop their meddling…

This is all in place of our parents (and theirs on and on for who knows how many generations) to actually nurture children to be THEMSELVES (which is their divine directive, if only they were in their bodies to receive it!).

In the process, we were out of our bodies, and our parents were in there pulling strings and levers to control us to not trigger them while we were out.

And they were being pulled and pushed by their ancestors —again: ALIVE or DEAD!

…….. This stuff operates on autopilot like a machine that is being fed our life force to keep going.

Matrix anyone?

And yet… as nefarious and malevolent as things can look and seem and feel (not invalidating the experience of it being that way),

I’d like to call attention to the machine metaphor, that these mechanisms were set up BY us as a protection.

The originators really meant the best and the beginnings were quite innocent. Even sweet and merciful.

Definitely LOVING.

Just imagine: a machine built long long ago that has an endless input of fuel (life force/light) that the maintenance of it stopped.

No one calibrating it.

No one oiling it.

No one updating it or discerning its relevance .

No one remembering it’s origins & purpose.

Poor machine, just doing it’s original job & yet generating the opposite of its purpose through the distortion of Time.


Someone in their body triggers others to be in their bodies...

…and that scares the living spirit out of someone who has been body-hopping their whole lives.

Here is the natural mechanism. Humanity’s fail-safe.

When someone operating on the artificial mechanism of body-spirit puppetry can't enter another, they momentarily pop back in their own body and suddenly FEEL the reality of what they are doing to themselves.

This also starts to kick out their interlopers who have been running the show in a homeostasis, however miserable they may have been… they were STABLE.

The interlopers freak out. The body is thrust out of homeostasis. And survival mind sets off the alarms sensing the chain reaction this could cause —assuming it’s BAD… but it’s really the potential catalyst for restoration of the rightful order of things.

It can be extremely painful and overwhelming, and the reaction most have is to get out of themselves as fast as possible to interrupt/put off the catalyst

—one way is to spook the other person out of their body, which is pretty easy to do with babies and children.

Then most will maintain their unconscious spiritually nomadic state by numbing their body one way or another.

It's like a great spirit relay or something. Or soul leap-frog.

How absolutely ridiculously tragic of most of us!

Also, it’s falling TF apart. Our ability to delay the catalyst is coming to an end.

People like myself, my colleagues, clients & friends have been intuitively getting ready, engaging this catalyst in our own lives, in order to facilitate the graceful imperative of Spirit for the whole of humanity to COME IN.

Each One.


What cues you that you are out of body? I'm curious what symptoms you notice in your life that indicate your vacancy... and perhaps occupancy by the other.

……. There are two resources I’ve created that support the lightness and acceptance of this awareness. One is a story, the other is a deep inquiry process that yields unstoppable aligned clarity.

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